Ask the Educational Experts of Optimum Ed

Optimum Ed, provides higher education and life coaches that are college planning experts. They specialize in helping families and students identify the right educational and career path.  They also help explore specific financial aid options to maximize the family’s financial investment in higher education, insuring value and a fulfilling and rewarding career.

It’s all about identifying the Right College at the Right Cost, leading to the Right Career.

Optimum Ed provides a comprehensive and well-defined process beginning with a career and academic assessment at the onset of high school.  This helps to determine the appropriate path of secondary and higher education. Whether it is a college degree or technical certification, Optimum Ed helps determine the best way to attain the desired education for the smallest investment by analyzing the family’s financial position, the merits of the student and financial aid opportunities.

Optimum Ed offers a complete menu of services to assist your family in planning for and executing an education plan for your child. Find out more here.