Being a Millennial Mom in 2019: What it’s Actually Like


“I wouldn’t want to raise a kid today.”

That’s what you’ll hear from most adults over the age of 50. As a 33-year-old “Millennial Mom” to two preschoolers, I can’t say I totally blame them for thinking that. Parents these days are faced with different challenges than have been presented in the past – mainly revolving around technology.

Millennial Mom

Not only do we face worries about what our kids are doing online, but we are constantly bombarded with Pinterest Perfect social media accounts that can make us feel like we’re constantly failing. And don’t get me started on the 1093080980 opinions that are thrown at us, even without asking about how we should be parenting our kids.

So yes, I can understand why someone would say they wouldn’t want to be a parent in today’s society.

With all negatives though, there are more positives that can be found if you look for them.

Being a millennial mom has allowed me to connect with other moms all over the country, learn from them and become a better mom because of them. When I was pregnant with my first, I joined an online motherhood community called The Bump ( They had groups you could join based off of your due date – you could talk about what you’re going through, symptoms, etc and what formed were real, genuine friendships. Those girls got me through the late-night feedings, the craziness that is new motherhood and 6 years later, I still talk with them daily. They were my virtual village.

As someone that’s moved around a lot, it’s allowed me to connect with local moms.

By using online moms’ groups, I have had access to tons of recommendations for the best pediatrics offices, dentist offices, etc – things that I would have no idea otherwise coming in somewhere new.

Millennial Mom

Speaking of moving around, how great is technology for being able to keep in touch with family and friends that we don’t live near? Between social media, FaceTiming and unlimited texting those far away don’t have to miss a thing.

Finally, we can’t ignore all of the opportunity and conveniences we have available to us today.

We aren’t expected to stay at home (although I think it is the hardest job around) with the kids and have dinner on the table at 5:00pm every night when our husband gets home. Having a career is widely accepted now and even encouraged in many circles. We can order anything online and have it delivered to us in 2 days flat  (talk about a life saver when you’re newly postpartum or have young kids). We get to have boxes of clothes delivered to us, try them on and send back the ones we don’t love.

Millennial Mom

We really never have to leave the house if we don’t want to – and sometimes, with young kids, this is a huge blessing.

And I will just leave you with this: online grocery pickup. What a time to be alive! Maybe being a millennial mom in 2019 isn’t so bad after all.