Restaurants Open in Richmond on Thanksgiving Day


Restaurants Open in Richmond on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is here! We are giving thanks for all of the many ways that we celebrate Thanksgiving.  For some of us that means gathering around a table at restaurant here in Richmond. Maybe it’s a planned event or maybe your oven stopped working right after you finished the pie but before you even had a chance to put the turkey in the roasting pan(this has definitely happened to me).  Whether you are planning for a day out, or your Thanksgiving meal out is unplanned, we’ve got you covered with a list of open restaurants for Thanksgiving right here in Richmond.  Make sure you call ahead to see if reservations are required and to see if openings are still available. 




Bar Solita

Bistro 27

The Boathouse

Bob Evans

Cracker Barrel


Flemming’s Steak House

Little Saint

Max’s on Broad

Mortons Steak House

Shula’s Steakhouse – Hilton Richmond Hotel & Spa          


Tarrant’s Café

Tarrant’s West

TGI Fridays


From all of our families to yours have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.