Dear Valentine’s Day, I Kinda Hate You


Dear Valentine’s Day,

I kinda hate you. I’m sorry to be so harsh, but I’m trying to be honest. You are this day that masquerades as a day of love and goodness, but you make people cry EVERY year. As if making people cry wasn’t enough, you stress people out and have made a commercial mess out of what was a sweet day.

My husband and I try not to make a big deal out of you.

We started dating just before Valentine’s Day, and it’s because of this that I think we haven’t made that big of a deal over it as a couple. But if we’re completely honest, it’s because I told my husband I didn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day when we were dating. We went on our first date the week before national love day, and it was too soon to celebrate it that first year together. After that first year, I much preferred focusing on our dativersary.

I tried to avoid you, but you crept your way into my life.

Since my oldest daughter was one, I’ve been making Valentines for her class at school. I thought it was ridiculous for babies and toddlers to swap cards that they couldn’t read or appreciate. BUT who was I to make my sweet girl sit it out?! Then my daughter turned three. She knew that it was important to swap valentines with the people you loved. Despite my misgiving, we made AND mailed valentines to the people she loved. Then this sweet, Valentine’s Day loving girl turned four, and she needed to know her parents were celebrating Valentine’s Day with her. We hadn’t planned on it, but who was I as her mother, to let her down?

I now celebrate Valentine’s Day, but…

I do it reluctantly. I do it out of a deep abiding love for my daughter. She cherishes in the opportunity to share her love with others via cards all year long, but she finds February 14th extra special. I am not going to steal her joy, but I am going to be true to me. We shall celebrate as a family, but it will be on a small scale. I firmly believe that Love Day should be every day, not just once a year when Hallmark/Target/Walgreens/you name it says it is.