I Didn’t Freak When People Touched My Bump


I am that mom. Who was sick all the time when pregnant. Sick enough to not take pills but horizontal most of the time. Nauseous all day, 24/7 9 months, migraines, too hot or too cold and not able to keep food in. 

And still, I loved being pregnant.

Being pampered by hubby and friends. The joy the would be grandparents showered (even though virtually), and the best part was being treated like royalty by everyone around me. Well, that’s how I felt and I’m sticking to the story.

You see, I love talking to people.

To people in trains in Mumbai, to colleagues at stores when I worked in the retail industry and just random people who smile at me at the store. Striking up conversations gives me the hope that humanity is alive and beautiful. A small peek into someone else’s life. 

And now once I was showing, I carried around a conversation starter with me. 

Far from family, alone in a city with very few friends to count on, the time spent with these strangers or acquaintances would touch my bump to feel the baby kick or just a thoughtless gesture was harmless and I took it for that. 

Besides which, them touching my bump wasn’t offensive simply because I have been groped enough times, that I know a caring touch from one meant to make you feel bad. Or to be nosy. 

People would smile, ask how I was, help me out whenever they could and above all share their experiences and wisdom with me.

The smile that another person gets with the hope of new life is wonderfully miraculous. 

I come from a culture of people who love being nosy. Your business becomes their business whether you like it or not. Where you study, when you get married, your weight, your education, and your work. How you live is a great point of gossip.

But here I was in a position new to me (with my first child especially), where people’s kindness was heartwarming. These were conversations and gestures of kindness I needed. It made me feel not so alone. Those times I spent shopping for baby stuff all by myself didn’t feel so sad.

I had the world for company and caring people around me. 

I have enjoyed being in Richmond since I arrived here in 2009 and my love story with Richmond only grew stronger. 

Life is so full of beautiful chance encounters. They make wonderful anecdotes to pass to the kids.