Celebrating National Pi Day with the Best Pies in RVA!


What is better than pizza pie? Real Pie. Like the kind with a flaky crust, or the kind with a cool light whipped cream layer, or the kind with warm fresh fruit, straight off the farm. Well, RVA has those pies and more. And what better way to celebrate National Pi Day than with a {geeky} play on words and your favorite slice of pie?!

The Richmond Moms Blog Team shares the best pie places in RVA so you can get your pie on:

  1. Proper Pie – Known for their New Zealand style savory pies, Proper Pie includes options that work for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! A one-stop pie shop, if you will.
  2. WPA Bakery – With 2 locations in town, WPA Bakery lets you pre-order pies or purchase them in their stores. They also have many gluten-free pies available for order.
  3. Shyndigz – Known as Richmond’s sole dessert-only restaurant, Shyndigz always rotates their menu. Check frequently for their current offerings.
  4. The Desserterie – Offering a variety of desserts, including pies, The Desserterie constantly changes their menu. Be sure to call ahead.
  5. A Peach in a Pear Tree – It’s fitting that they are known as a dessert boutique; they offer desserts whose descriptions are very special (and mouth watering!).
  6. Ukrop’s – Ukrop’s originally was a grocery chain here in town and has since become a food producer and distributor. Their brands can be purchased at Kroger.
  7. Fresh Market – Making pie ordering easy (as in no ordering necessary!), Fresh Market helps you solve a dessert issue in a pinch.
  8. Swift Creek Farm – Fresh Fruit Pies can’t be beat! Although this farm closes for the winter season, check out their posted recipes and make a pie yourself!
  9. Walmart – Old Fashioned pies come in a variety of flavors, and despite their low price of $1 (often on sale), they are quite delicious and the perfect size for avoiding having to share.

Did we miss your favorite pie place? Do you have a favorite flavor? Comment below, and have a Happy Pi Day!