(3) Mom-Approved Products and (1) Product Fail


I’ve been using (or consuming, in some cases) the four items above lately. Three of them I like, and one of them I don’t. And because I always find it oddly interesting to read about new products/foods others enjoy, here’s a rundown of these four items:


For the first 8 years of our marriage, my husband and I have used some can openers that were less than stellar. By “less than stellar,” I mean they didn’t always fulfill their job description of being a “can OPENER.” Oh no, they could have appropriately earned the name “can HALF opener,” but none of them truly deserved to be called a can opener.

One fateful night, Jonathan threw the can opener away with the idea that it would force us to buy another one. Except, we forgot. So the next time we needed to open a can, he ran out to Walmart and bought a new one. This quick-fix did a decent job (as in, it opened cans but dug into my hands every time) for approximately 45 days whereupon I consulted Amazon, or more specifically, their review section.

BEHOLD [cue angel choirs bursting forth in a triumphant song]: the best can opener on which my hands have ever been laid. Now this contraption, my friends, is one which truly deserves the name of “can opener.” It opens the entire can, does not dig into my hand while doing said task, and even clicks together so I don’t have to hold the can opener shut the entire time.


Call it what you will. I’m a fan.


I grabbed these burgers from Aldi a couple months ago, and they’ve become one of my favorite lunches.

Normally, we eat leftovers for lunch, but there are some days when the leftovers only feed the kids. On those days, I grab one of these from the freezer (or 2 if Jonathan is home for lunch). My favorite way to serve these is with a massive amount of fresh spinach, a sliced pickle, and ranch dressing all wrapped up in a sundried tomato wrap (also from Aldi). I believe the highest review of these burgers came from my husband as he was eating his wrap: “Wow! I could be a vegetarian with food like this.”


I’ve been using this hair oil for a while and I’ve gotta say: I don’t know if it’s making my hair super amazing, but it does at least smell amazing. I typically use this once or twice a month on a day when I’m staying at home for at least the morning. Here’s the drill: slather the oil (it’s more like a cream) in the lower half of my hair, twist my hair into a high bun, and go along my normal tasks for the next few hours. A few hours later, I wash my hair like normal.

I’ve never conducted a scientific experiment to see if it truly makes my hair softer and protected from damage, but I think it does. At any rate, my hair smells good for the next few days, so there’s that.


A long time ago, I read a review of this gel as THE BEST way to moisturize your skin. I bought some and promptly forgot about it until a few weeks ago. I’ve been diligently using this on my damp skin and I’ve gotta tell you: I’VE BEEN TRICKED. Or something. The point is, this stuff is a mess. I promise my skin is damp when I use it, so I’m following the directions. But it never dries! It just sits on the top of my skin! Who has time for this stuff? Maybe that’s why it’s for babies? But then, whoever picks up the baby will get it all over them.

Obviously, I’m perplexed about this product. Help me out here, Mamas. Am I doing it all wrong? These are obviously the big questions of life, so I’m just hoping someone can answer them for me. 😉

Anything new you’re loving—or not so much? Do tell!