5 Photos Not to Miss This Easter


I love Easter. I love the fact that it means this dreary Richmond “second winter” is finally ending. I love the kids dressed up. I love trying to find a seat when the church pews are filled to capacity. I even love dying eggs with kids who make a total mess of it.

That’s why I want to make sure to slow down and enjoy the things about Easter that you only get to do with kids while they are little and not yet too snarky.

So this year, I’ve made a list of five things I want to make sure to do with my kids on Easter:

And I want the photos to prove it!

1. Visit the Easter Bunny at the mall or Bass Pro.

It’s a little bit cheesy and a little bit creepy, but it’s also incredibly fun to look back on.

2. Dye Easter eggs.

It’s unnecessarily messy and gone tomorrow, but I love watching little faces trying to learn patience and little fingers learning how to do something new. Dying eggs is also one of those warm fuzzy childhood memories that I treasure, so I want to share that with my boys.

3. Find and open plastic Easter eggs.

I know, I said dye real eggs… but it doesn’t feel like Easter to me unless there are some prizes in eggs. Bonus points if the prizes are things I would never ordinarily give my kids like tons of sugar and toys that are borderline choking/lead poisoning hazards. Those are the surprises that really make my 4-year-old’s eyes light up.

4. Easter outfits.

Seriously, my boys won’t always let me dress them up in matching embroidered, monogrammed gingham outfits (and I wouldn’t any other day…), but those photos are going to be GOLD when they are in high school. And the benefit of clothes that they’ll only wear once is that it really doesn’t matter if they end up covered in mud stains.

5. Get the family together.

Easter is always a holiday when my extended family gets together, and I love watching my grandmother with my boys. I want to get as many pictures of them together as I can because that’s the stuff that really warms my heart.


All too soon, my 4-year-old will be in school and my 7-month-old will be running around. I know they’ll just keep changing, and I’ll love the next phase just as much… but I don’t want to forget the little things they are doing now.

So if you see me this Easter, you’ll probably also see my camera. I promise not to go crazy, but I can’t wait to get just a few more pictures.

We are pleased to have our guest post today written by Elizabeth Miller. Elizabeth is a mom to 2 boys with boundless energy and the photographer behind Elizabeth Crea Photography. She believes in finding the beauty in the chaos of life with littles. Born and raised in North Carolina, and now living in Midlothian, her husband likes to remind her that she is “Virginian by marriage.”