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Here’s the thing: Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. But let me tell you, Halloween is a very close second. You can just ask my husband about all the bins with decorations in the basement. I just think those two holidays are the most fun to decorate for!

And hello! You get to create an awesome costume for Halloween. One year, I was a Christmas tree for Halloween. Like I said, Christmas is pretty cool, too. 

Last year was Ruby’s first Halloween.

Matt and I were Ninja Turtles and Ruby was Pizza! In case you’re not aware, Ninja Turtles LOVE Pizza.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Love Pizza!

I just made the easiest costumes I could to get the point across. Truth be told: Ruby just wore a giant piece of pizza made out of felt like she was Flava Flav. But it worked. I’m glad I didn’t work on it for hours because she decided she was done after only about 2.5 houses.

I was much more committed to decorating and being festive before having a baby in the mix!

Kind of like the time I cut silhouettes out of black paper and hung them in all the windows to make what I consider the perfect mash-up of a haunted house and Kevin McCallister tricking the Wet Bandits.

Or that time that I made that awesome wreath I saw on Pinterest.

Now that Ruby is a little older and more predictable, I’m totally looking forward to going all out again! I can’t wait to get to the pumpkin patch and carve pumpkins. Is she going to think the pumpkin guts are cool or disgusting? I can’t wait to find out.

One thing I’m focusing on as the ideas start racing around in my head is that it’s ok if we don’t do everything I’m planning. It’s not fun if I’m putting pressure on myself to be the perfect Pinterest mom.

I’m going to enjoy the cooler fall weather, carve a pumpkin, watch a scary movie or two, and just have a good time with my husband and daughter. If I just buy our costumes this year, that’s totally fine. I’m just going to do what I can and enjoy every minute of it.