Creative Ways to Celebrate Spring’s Arrival


Have you been waiting for you spring?

Spring is here and I can’t wait for the warmer temperatures, extended daylight, and pops of color from nature’s beauties. The springtime always seems to lift our spirits and pull us out of the wintertime blues. So, in honor of the upcoming season here are some fun and creative ways moms and their families can celebrate this vibrant and colorful season.

Accessorize the Outside

Dust off the gardening gloves and try creating a spring container full of eye-catching flowers. Some personal favorite flowers are mandevillas, impatiens, snapdragons, hydrangeas, and daisies. Another unique idea is to create a container filled with tropical plants to remind you of being on an island far away. For example, large containers of palm trees on your front porch can really make you feel like you’re on vacation.

Hang up a Bird Feeder

Invite some new visitors to your background this spring and install a bird feeder that can easily be seen from inside your house. Your family will love watching all the birds that flock to this new eating place and it provides a great opportunity to teach the kids about different types of birds. I recently purchased a feeder with suctions that stick to the window. This type of feeder is great because it gives everyone prime viewing of the birds! Our family is fascinated with our feeder and gets so excited when she sees a bird there.

Let the Kids Create an Herb Garden

Head to your local nursery and let the kids pick out some herbs for an outdoor herb garden. Basil, mint, chives, rosemary, parsley, thyme, and oregano are some of my favorites and are really low maintenance. Buy a window box, a set of children’s gardening tools, soil, and a watering can, and the kids can have fun planting herbs that the whole family will enjoy. This activity can carry forward throughout the summer and into the fall when we harvest our herbs for the winter months.  It is always great to have herbs that we have grown ourselves. 

Purchase a Bouquet of Flowers

Nothing brightens our tables up like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. So, at your next visit to the grocery store pick up one to remind you of these gifts of the season. One of our favorite places to get flowers on the fly is Trader Joe’s and it has become a ritual for our family to pick up a bouquet at each visit. Who can beat a bouquet of flowers for just a few dollars? You won’t regret spending a few dollars to brighten up your space. 

Buy a New Perfume or Create your Own Scent

Nothing says springtime like a fresh floral scent, so treat yourself to a new perfume on your next trip to the mall to commemorate the season. As a fun alternative try making your own body spray using essential oils and spritz some not only on you but on your pillow or in the shower to create a spa-like experience. A current obsession is a perfume called Antidris Cassis by Maison Louis Marie.

Try a New Restaurant with an Outdoor Patio

 Eating outside can often be more fun than eating indoors and the spring is one of the best times to enjoy this activity! Check out a local restaurant with outdoor seating for a fun family experience without any cleanup!

The options for celebrating spring are endless.  Leave a comment below and let me know how you and your family celebrate spring. 

Here’s to many warm and hopefully sunny days ahead!


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