Gold Medal Momming


Have you seen the domination of the US Snowboarding team? Amazing. The pure skill is just mesmerizing.

Do you know what else is amazing? Moms.

I think it’s time that we start giving out gold medals for momming:

This gold medal goes to you, Mom Walking on Legos.

Your quintuple axle as your tender foot chomps down on a sharp LEGO in the middle of the night is flawless. Is there any limit to how far you can toe-loop to avoid having your foot impaled? All green lights for your technical score.

This gold medal goes to you, Mom Mopping the Floor….for the third time today.

You scrub that Swiffer faster than the Canadian curling team. And you’re actually accomplishing something. Keeping on going. Bring those stones into the button! If you can get your kids to do it for you, consider it a clean sweep of the podium.

This gold medal goes to you, Mom Loading the Car.

You got out of the driveway in less than 10 minutes. It may not be <2 seconds pushing a 500-lb sled, but do those bobsledders have a three-year-old who insists on buckling her own 5-point harness even though a sloth could run a marathon faster? No. No, they do not. But you do. And you still made it out of the driveway in time. Huzzah.

This gold medal goes to you, Mom Weathering the Emotions of a Toddler.

You have more ups and downs in your day than a mogul ski slope. The whiplash from excited to enraged is jarring but you just. keep. going. 

This gold medal goes to you, Mom with Body-Checking Siblings.

Like hockey, it’s all part of the game. But you, Mom, don’t get a timeout. So don’t hesitate to blow the whistle and give them five for fighting…but just skip the penalty box and send them straight to their room until Dad gets home.


Wear your medal with pride. And if you discover it’s actually made of dark chocolate, enjoy a few quiet seconds alone in the pantry to treat yourself (not that we’ve ever actually done that…) but hurry because your next event is moments away!