Guide to RVA Summer Pools


The seemingly endless January snow is gone – hopefully for good. Now we moms dream of poolside playdates instead of cabin fever. With area community centers opening membership application in the next month, now is the time to consider summer pool membership.

Most area pools do not open until 11am which is tough when you have an afternoon napper, but I finally bit the bullet and joined last summer. It was life changing and the best money I spent all summer! It gave a rhythm to our day, an opportunity for the kids to burn off (a lot of) energy, and we all met new friends.

When you choose your pool, consider where most of the kids at your elementary school go to.

These are the friends that your kids in the coming years will want to spend the day with at the pool and be on the swim team with.  Also, these are the other moms that you will want to get to know as well.

Community pools in Richmond by geographical area:

Pools that require residence in a particular neighborhood are not included.

City of Richmond Public Pools

The City of Richmond maintains 7 public pools that are free to use.

  • Battery –  2719 Dupont Circle 23222
  • Blackwell – East 14th Street 23224 
  • Fairmount – 2000 U Street 23223
  • Hotchkiss – 701 East Brookland Park Boulevard 23222 
  • Powhatan – 1000 Apperson Street 23231 
  • Randolph – 1507 Grayland Avenue 23220 
  • Woodville – 2305 Fairfield Avenue 23223 

Bon Air/Stratford Hills

Bon Air Community Association
Photo from: Bon Air Community Association
Pool Family Dues Initiation Fee Early Discount Members’ favorite perks
Bon Air $560 $0 Yes Three separate pools; free one day pass for families considering membership
Granite $525   Yes  
Settlers Landing $405      
South Hampton $650 $460 Yes They have an ice skating rink
Woodmont $490   Yes  


Pool Family Dues Initiation Fee  Early Discount  Members’ Favorite Perks 
Beulah $385 $200    
Chester Recreational Association $365 $750   Three separate pools, screened in seating, and playground! 
Surreywood $445 $0    

East End

Pool  Family Dues Initiation Fee  Early Discount  Members’ Favorite Perks 
Sandston $370 $350   Ping pong, cornhole, shuffleboard.


Pool  Family Dues Initiation Fee  Early Discount  Members’ Favorite Perks 
Chickahominy $475 $250    
Mechanicsville $405 $99    


Pool Family Dues Initiation Fee  Early Discount  Members’ Favorite Perks 
ACAC – Midlo  see website for details     Waterpark; childcare available 
Brandermill $335 $0    
Brighton Green $395 $0 Yes  
Evergreen not listed $0    
Midlothian YMCA
see website for details
Queensmill $400 $0    


Pool Family Dues Initiation Fee  Early Discount Members’ Favorite Perks 
Lewis Ginter per person $500   Best neighborhood clubhouse in Richmond
Lakeside Swim $433 $675    

West End

Canterbury Pool
Photo from: Canterbury Pool
Pools Family Membership  Initiation Fee  Early Discount  Members’ Favorite Perks 
Avalon $725 $1400    
Canterbury $465 $600 Yes The shallow end is in the afternoon shade; Friday night food trucks
Chesnut Oaks $450 $450 Yes  
Church Run $570 $750    
Raintree $685 $0 Yes Gym and tennis membership available as well
Ridge Top $600 $1150    
Three Chopt starting at $425 $600   Opens at 10am; Engaging baby pool with fountains
Wembly $440 $0   Small community feel

Rates are subject to change. The above is what was posted on their respective websites as of January 22, 2018. Please see the specific pool’s website for more information and current rates.

Did we miss your favorite pool? Let us know in the comments or tell us your favorite thing about one of the pools on the list.


  1. Three Chopt Pool has lowered initiation fee to $200 single, $400 couple, $600 family. Dues start at $425 and increase $75 per person up to family of 6. We are in process of renovating website…

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