Hey Kitten, let’s talk about your kitten!


Ok girls, let’s be honest here! Outside of your annual with your gynecologist, how much thought do you put into your vaginal health? The vagina, called yoni in Sanskrit, loosely translated to mean “sacred space”. If you think about it, it really is a sacred space. A place where life begins. A place of great pleasure. A reminder of womanhood. So why are we talking about our sacred space? Because I want you to put as much care into your sacred space as you do other routines of your self-care. Let me offer you a few ideas. 


A vajacial is exactly what it sounds like, a facial for your V. Why? The same reason you get a facial, to treat acne, ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation, and because it feels good. A vajacial typically runs $85 to $150 at most day spas and should only be performed by a licensed Aesthetician (do not be afraid to ask about credentials). Usually, it is the same process as a facial, a pre-cleanse, a deeper cleanse, steam and exfoliation, extractions, mask, toner, serum (machines like high frequency, or ultrasonic), and moisturizer. Vajacials are especially popular with ladies who receive Brazilian waxes to treat or prevent ingrown hairs. It is also really popular in summer with the bicyclists to help with acne from sweating bike seats. However you do not need a reason, just try it because it feels good! 


Yoni Steam AKA V Steam

Steaming your vagina may sound scary, but it feels like steaming anything else. The steam is relaxing and dilates the pores allowing the body to sweat and tighten. Our instinct when we are sick is to put on a pot of water and inhale the steam. Our instinct after a workout is to sit in a steam room and soothe our achy muscles. When we receive a facial the Aesthetician steams our face prior to extractions to loosen the sebum to cleanse them from our pores. Doesn’t it make perfect sense to cleanse out this amazing body part that has menstrual cycles and gives birth to babies? Although this service is newly popular in America, women in South Africa and Thailand knew this secret for better sex, less painful periods, and increased fertility many years earlier, and this is a normal part of their routine, just as much as brushing your teeth is for you. The process usually starts with an intake form to ensure you are not contraindicated to receive the service. Then once cleared you will be told to wear a robe or a kimono with nothing underneath. You will then sit on a seat that looks similar to a toilet seat with a steaming pot underneath. The herbal blends are usually targeted to treat specific problems (infertility, painful periods, flora imbalance). Some popular herbs usually used are rosemary, mugwort, turmeric, dandelion, and chamomile. You usually sit above the steaming pot allowing your vagina to soak in the steam for 20 to 60 minutes. This service usually costs $45 to $125 at most spas. 


Probiotics or Kombucha

Probiotics are good bacteria in a capsule to balance our bacteria in our intestines, however, they also help balance the good bacteria in our vaginas as well. Out of whack vaginal flora leads to yeast or bacterial infections, so be proactive and prevent these before they start. Probiotics can be purchased at most vitamin shops and should be refrigerated and used before their expiration date. Kombucha is a fermented tea that contains good bacteria, for those who would rather drink their good bacteria VS a gel cap. Kombucha is a distinct taste though, most either love it or hate it. Although I enjoy it, many find the vinegary taste off-putting in which case capsule probiotics may be a better fit. 


Tea Tree Oil 

This old remedy is nature’s best-kept secret. Tea tree oil can literally be rubbed inside your vagina and clear up a yeast infection within hours, not days. Tea tree oil is a powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and is 100% safe to be used directly on the skin, without dilution. The fact that it smells nice is a bonus. Keep in mind, you cannot ingest it, only use 100% pure tea tree essential oil from a trusted source. At first symptoms of a yeast infection, rub a few drops directly inside the vagina using clean hands. There is a bit of a tingle, this means it’s working and will subside quickly, and within hours the infection will go away. Tea tree essential oil can usually be purchased for approximately $25 to $50 and goes a long way since you only use a few drops at a time. 

Take care of your sacred temples ladies!