Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show

A Swashbuckling time for the whole family in Myrtle Beach


One of the most fun places you can go, when visiting Myrtle Beach, is the Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show.

It’s not only a fantastic meal but an entirely wonderful experience from the minute you walk into the building! Pirates Voyage is a show for you, your teen, your tween, your little and your itty bitty. There is really something for every member of your family, after all, do you expect anything less from a show from Ms. Dolly Parton?

When you walk in you are greeted warmly by members of the crew who will usher you into the best pre-show show located in the Pirates Village. The show is fun and exciting – full of music, hilarious jokes, and tricks.

Join the crew

While we were waiting for the show, we joined the crew! There is an area that is better than dress up where you can get dressed up as a Pirate or a Mermaid. It was so much fun. The crew members made sure that our pirate bandanas and flags matched the crew we were about to join! Kids and moms alike can participate and I had a wonderful time alongside the boys getting my pirate gear on! Complete with an eyepatch and makeup, we were ready to join the ranks and get on board!

Join the Crew
Becoming a Lady Pirate!

A Meal Fit for a Pirate King

The four-course meal served is plentiful enough to feed the hungriest of pirates and mermaids. And the soup? Amazing. You can even take some of it home from the gift shop or order it online. They even have gluten-free and vegetarian meals, which I was ecstatic about. It’s often hard to find special meals while on vacation, and Pirates Voyage took care of the gluten-free members of our family with a tasty meal that did not disappoint. The chicken was so good and so was the pork. My picky eater couldn’t put it down. Combined with the corn on the cob and the yummy potato, we were absolutely STUFFED.

4 course meal

The Show

Prepare to be excited! With the participation of the audience, each pirate is on one of two rival pirate crews – the crimson or the sapphire. We were on the best crew ever – the sapphire. Our side was so loud and fun, we really got into the excitement of everything with clapping and cheers! We knew our crew of pirates would win.

From the swashbuckling sword fights to the amazing energy and acrobatics, Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show is non-stop excitement. There is everything you could ask in a show. Adventure. Intrigue. The Pirate King, Blackbeard himself!

Without spoiling all the fun, I can tell you that there are surprises and excitement at every turn. Just when you have one awe-inspiring thing going on, you find yourself turning your head dropping your jaw again and again. Not only are pirates singing and tumbling, but there are mermaids, tropical birds, ducks,  adorable dogs and of course the cutest sea lions ever!

We had so much fun at the show, every single one of the boys did not want to leave. After buying soup mix and some pirates booty, I finally was able to get them to leave. They talked about the show for days and it’s going to be first on our list of things to do in Myrtle Beach. We can’t wait to go back!

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