RMB welcomes James River Orthodontics


One size does not fit all – How one practice is breaking the orthodontic mold

Choosing an orthodontist for your family isn’t easy. Some ask neighbors and coworkers. Some ask their friends. Some even look at online ratings and reviews. Yet all this research can leave you feeling even more confused. With so many options available how do you decide where to go for orthodontic treatment?

One practice that’s doing things differently is James River Orthodontics in Henrico, VA. In fact, they’re doing things with a purpose. So much so, they made “Smile with purpose.®” their tagline; a tagline that flows into everything they do. At James River Orthodontics, they don’t want to merely provide the best orthodontic care for their patients, they want to make an impact on the community they serve.

James River Orthodontics Team

Here are 3 things they’re doing right. 

1) Their patients get perks.

Yep! Big perks. They offer Starbucks coffee, flavored sparkling and still water and frozen yogurt!  Enjoy a beverage while playing a game or checking your email on one of the many ipads available for use during your visit. It’s hard not to feel empowered as one of their patients – especially when it comes to financing options. With discounts and a variety of plans, affording treatment is easy. So, the question isn’t if you can afford treatment it’s when can you start? They provide you with all the information to make a confident informed decision. It’s that easy!

2) They give back in a unique way.   

Dr. Scarborough and his team put a lot of thought into the charities they wanted to support, but in order to make the impact they really wanted, they felt the need to form their own organizations. That’s how their LEAH (Leukemia, Epilepsy, Autism at Home) and Back to Education™ initiatives were developed. “As a patient, it feels good to know that in some small way, I’m helping to make a difference too,” said one JRO patient.

For every new patient that starts treatment at James River Orthodontics, Dr. Scarborough donates to local charities to help make a difference. Through his and his team’s efforts, they have donated thousands of dollars to many charitable organizations including ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation, the Autism Society of Central Virginia, the James River Association, The Epilepsy Foundation, as well as donating to over 19 local schools in the community. 

3) They understand how to talk to their patients. 

Dr. Scarborough and his team at James River Orthodontics, put their patients first. “From the way our office is set up to our state-of-the-art equipment and treatments, everything is for our patients. We want them to feel at home here.” Dr. Scarborough said. His staff feels the same way. “Patients aren’t charts or treatment plans, they’re people, neighbors and friends,” says Lynn, a certified orthodontic assistant at JRO.


So, what are the takeaways? Do your research, but know that nothing takes the place of experience. And when it comes to both an exceptional orthodontic experience as well as the overall experience you get when you’re in the office itself, James River Orthodontics is one of the best practices out there. Check them out, they offer free consultations.


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