Swimming Our Way Towards Summer

Water safety is not something often thought of in the middle of winter, but it’s honestly one of the better times to begin thinking of it. We started my oldest in swim lessons in the middle of winter, shortly after her first birthday and it was one of our best decisions. We had plenty of friends wonder why we would start swimming when we did, and it was to get ready for pool season in advance. As a family, we feel fortunate to have a neighborhood pool, but we didn’t want to be unsafe with the gift we have. Since that time, we have had a regular winter and spring habit of swimming our way towards summer.

Swimming looks different this year…

We were looking forward to starting our winter summer habit, but there was one thing giving us pause… ‘Rona. As a family, we have tried to be very careful about coronavirus due to some high-risk family members, so finding a COVID-safe swim school was really important to us. When I called Goldfish Swim School here in Richmond, I immediately had my concerns put to rest. Class sizes are limited to three students, classes are spaced out, parents must wear a mask and sit in spaced-apart chairs while waiting and watching, instructors wear face shields, and all spaces are regularly disinfected. I kid you not, they have gone above and beyond, and do a great job. 

Goldfish Different

Some things make your life easier…

Being prepared for a winter swim lesson requires some things not needed during a summer lesson. Sweats to wear on the way home from swim class, and possibly on the way to swim class. Living in Virginia, you never know what the weather is going to be like, but it will most likely be cold. Coming out of a heated pool to face the regular temperature is brutal enough, but adding the cold temps is even worse. I also recommend a beanie or hat of some variety to keep those little wet heads warm. A decent size pool bag can be a nice addition but isn’t totally necessary. As a mom of two, I need enough space to manage their clothes, towels, and shoes. Finally, I recommend a wet bag for the swimsuits. Most only think of wet bags for cloth diapering, but they are super handy for the pool too. 

swimming sweats

If this is your child’s first time swimming…

Do not, and I repeat, do not sit in the front row of seats where your child can see you. Your child will be in great hands swimming at Goldfish Swim School, and they do not need you in eyesight to distract them. Sit back and be amazed at how your child will thrive and gain abilities you did not think possible. Your child will learn to float, hold their breath underwater, find the wall for safety, dive underwater, and much more. Do not be that parent who distracts your child so that they can be performatively upset, because they saw you. 

chairs swimming

If your child has done swim lessons elsewhere…

Check out making the switch to Goldfish Swim School. I promise that you and your child(ren) will not regret this decision. My daughters ask me at least 2 – 3 times per week if it is a swim lesson day because they are so excited to go to their class. In two months of lessons both of my kids have grown tremendously as swimmers. At the rate we’re going, we might turn into year-round swimmers!
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