To My Daughter the Night Before Kindergarten


To my daughter the night before kindergarten-

Tomorrow, you are going to be great. 
I’m not saying this as an encouraging “I think you can.” I know you are going to have a great day.

You have never walked in a room and not made a friend. It doesn’t phase you to be somewhere new – in fact you thrive on new situations and new people. You have been waiting for this day for years.

I have all the feels about you going to kindergarten tomorrow.

I’m going to miss my lunch buddy, our preschool carpool jams, and naptime snuggles. However, my heart soars when I think of all the wonderful opportunities ahead of you and each glimpse I see of the person you are growing into.

I have so many things I dream for you as you start this new chapter.

Tomorrow, I hope you remember to eat, pee, and wash your hands in both instances. Basics first.

I hope that you find someone to sit next to that loves glitter as much as you do. I also hope you find someone that you have nothing in common with other than being five and strike up a conversation.

If lunchtime or recess seem overwhelming, that’s ok. They overwhelm me too. You’ll find your rhythm and routine soon enough. I hope there is plenty of room for cartwheels on the playground.

I hope that you have deep belly laughs at least once a day, every day at school. And if you laugh so hard that you need a change of clothes, I snuck them in the bottom of your backpack already.

This year, I want something to be hard for you as we grow the most during challenges. I pray that when you come up to something hard that you will not only rely on your tenacity (which abounds), but that you will lean on your teacher, your friends, and your dad and me as learning to ask for and accept help is an essential part of life.

I know that as you move through school, your friend groups will change and your perception of yourself will evolve.

I hope you never lose your ability to stand in front of big, scary, awe-striking things and take it all in.

I hope you always insist on having your own, unique style.

I hope you never forget how beautiful you are and that beauty has nothing to do with your hair or your wardrobe.

I hope you never fail to look around you and see those alongside you and those behind you, not just those ahead of you. How you treat others, and yourself, is far more important than any grades or accolades.

I hope that you never forget that you are loved – not because of the things you do but because of who you are.

And when you do forget some of these things, I’ll be here to remind you over an after school snack or late night talk.

Be kind and work hard…everything else will sort itself out.

You inspire me, my girl. Now, go inspire the world.

I love you always.