Pregnancy Food Pairings


I am what I like to call a “food motivated” person.

Despite being a picky eater as a child (ok, ok, and through college…), I love good food: eating it, cooking it, and talking about it.

I’m also a real person who eats Chick-fil-a, Cook Out, and frozen pizza because I believe in all things in moderation.

All of this makes heartburn one of the most annoying pregnancy symptoms for me to deal with because I’ll be darned if I can eat anything without getting heartburn. 

Kim’s Pregnancy Food Pairings

Grilled flank steak, quinoa and roasted vegetables, spinach salad. Lightly sweetened tea with mint. Pair with Tums.

Trader Joe’s pizza with Caesar salad. Water. Pair with Tums.

A big bowl of chocolate ice cream with Magic Shell—that chocolate sauce that turns hard when it gets cold. Mmmm! Pair with Tums.

Multi-grain Cheerios, sliced strawberries, milk. Pair with Tums.

Organic vanilla yogurt and granola. Orange juice. Pair with Tums.

Two cheese sticks, a handful of goldfish crackers, and sleeve of Thin Mints. Pair with Tums.

Peanut butter sandwich, chips, and carrots. Sweet tea. Pair with Tums.

Glass of water. Pair with Tums.

Deep, envious, inhale of husband’s glass of Malbec. Pair with Tums.

One sip of husband’s glass of Malbec. Pair with five Tums.

Taking a deep breath. Pair with Tums. Curse.

Number of Tums it took me to write this post at 39 weeks pregnant: three.