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Tired of arguing over where to eat? Want to save a few bucks every time you go out? Like supporting locally-owned restaurants? It’s your LUCKY day! – Spotluck

What’s Spotluck?

Never heard of it? I hadn’t either until a couple of weeks ago. But now, I’m a big fan.

I heard about the Spotluck app and downloaded it on my Android (available on Apple, too, of course). Then, I dove right in without looking at all of the features or paying attention to the instructions because that’s what I do.

The big, white “spin” button at the top was a clue, so I tapped it. As it spun, I noticed the names of restaurants flipping through in the center…some familiar, some not. Then it stopped on a restaurant, and it displayed a discount at the top.

Ah! OK. Spin the wheel, get a random restaurant and a discount.

I didn’t use my spin that day, but no worries because I found out that you get a new spin each day. Plus, you can earn more “bonus” spins if you want them.

When the weekend came around and the fam and I wanted to go out, we pulled out the app.

We decided we wanted American, so we checked American under “Cuisines.” And since we didn’t have time to go out to Short Pump, we checked The Fan and Downtown in Neighborhoods.

[box type=”note”]App tip: I looked at the Neighborhood options, and right now, the restaurants are limited to The Fan, Downtown, and Short Pump. Sorry, Southside. You’re not in the mix quite yet. Get in the car, take a trip across the James, and try something new north of the river. [/box]

We decided that we’d press the button, give it a spin, and go to whatever restaurant showed up with the “big” discount. We figured it’d be fun to try something new, and honestly, I think that’s the main charm of the app. Plus, it avoids this scenario:

Where do you want to go to dinner? I don’t care. What are you in the mood for? I don’t know. How about…. No. Not that.

Don’t you love trying to figure out where to go out to dinner? Not.

Add the kids into the dining decision, and everybody’s in the mood for something different. The Spotluck app helps avoid the debate and the inevitable argument over where to go. Choose a cuisine and a location and then just go!

[box type=”note”]App tip: You can filter the type of food you want (American, Asian, Mexican, etc…). Select one cuisine, several, or them all! Do all of that before you spin so that it limits the options you’re willing to accept.[/box]

We pressed the button and the result was Deep Run Roadhouse on the VCU campus.

The discount? 25% off! Great! We’d have dinner in our old neighborhood and we’d save more than a few bucks.

Deep Run Roadhouse, Richmond, VA & Spotluck
We got 25% off our meal at Deep Run Roadhouse on the VCU Campus in the RVA.

When we got to Deep Run Roadhouse, the weather was so nice that they had their garage door open. I’m a sucker for eating al fresco, so I was already stoked. We walked in, and the smells were amazing. The guys behind the counter were great.

I was a little worried about whether or not they’d be familiar with the Spotluck app. But I showed them the app, they applied the discount, and bam! We got 25% off our meal (When I sat down at the table, I saw that they had Spotluck adverts on their tables. So, yeh, they were familiar. 🙂 )

[box type=”note”]App tip: The discount you get on a spin can be from 15% to up to 35% off based on the day, time and weather. And if you don’t like the option that comes up, you can still get 10% off at other restaurants on the list.[/box]

We knew we were getting a discount, so we tried more food that we normally would have.

Sausage, chicken BBQ, pork BBQ, ribs, brisket, and let’s not forget our new favorite, the fried catfish. (My mouth is watering.) 

We also ordered a huge chunk of cornbread (with a big dollop of honey butter), mac and cheese, green beans, and sweet potatoes. And dessert! Pecan, key lime, and chocolate pie.

It was all so good! We loved the ambiance, the service, the food, and the discount. Great experience. 

Deep Run Roadhouse, Richmond, VA & Spotluck
Deep Run Roadhouse, Richmond, VA & Spotluck

Fast forward a week. My cousin called.

She was coming through town with her 4 kids and wanted to know if we were available for an impromptu dinner. Her kids wanted Mexican. She wanted local. 

We pulled out the app, selected Mexican and The Fan, gave the button a spin, and hoped for the best. Bam! We got Nacho Mamas and we scored 25% off! In some twist of fate, I told my cousin to download the app, and she got the same. With 4 kids, that’s big savings!

Deep Run Roadhouse, Richmond, VA & Spotluck
Local RVA restaurants where you can use Spotluck

[box type=”note”]App tip: I just realized that all of the restaurants in the Spotluck app are local. No franchises. If you’ve been in the RVA long, you know how Richmonders love to support their local businesses. I think this app is going to do really well here.[/box]

Download the App!

We’ll be using Spotluck for lots of dinners out. We can’t wait to try a bunch of new, local RVA restaurants. And we’re hoping Spotluck will add additional local restaurants in the greater Richmond metro. 

Use code RVAMOMEATS when you sign up for an extra discount the first time you use it!

Spotluck for Android Spotluck for Apple
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