Reduce Stress In 10 Minutes {or less}


When did the Holidays become the most STRESSFUL time of the year, instead of the most wonderful? I love this time of year. But it’s exhausting making sure everyone is feeling the magic, the beauty, and the fun. I’m left feeling a bit tired and not as merry as I’d like.  I needed an action plan for myself that gave me some recharge time even if I only had 10 minutes. 

The result? I’m not fretting about the small things, I’m finding time to enjoy the moments, and I actually enjoy the busyness a little more. So, take a timer and give yourself 10 minutes. I give you permission.


Say No To Helping {5 Minutes}

(Shhhh, don’t let your kids read that line.) It’s the second week of December and I’m willing to bet that your calendar has something happening every single weekend. Am I right? Now, look at the month and decide which of these events you can take a notch down on the commitment level.  You don’t have to be in charge of every activity. Sometimes I feel like I have a stamp on my head letting everyone know I’m willing to help set-up, clean, host, provide food or supplies…the list goes on and on. So this busy season I’m looking at my calendar and choosing one thing to say “No” to.  No I cannot help put the event on.  But I can show up. Taking two minutes to choose, one minute to communicate my decision, and buying myself at least an hour before the event to relax at home, and countless other hours of stressing how I’ll handle it all.

Make a Happy List {5-10 Minutes}

Many years ago a great friend of mine (Gilmore, if you recall) introduced me to the Happy List. A simple list of things that make you happy. I now have journals dedicated to all the things that make me happy. In my now Mom-Life I turn to my phone as my happy list. It takes just a moment of time: Open a new note, make a list of things that make you happy. It’s an instant mood-lifter. Dwelling on the things that make you happy instead of the looming stress of travel, events, and shopping really shifts your perspective. 

Do Something Quiet {10 Minutes}

When I’m not with my little people I typically turn off noise. Music, TV, sound machines…OFF.  Silence is welcoming sometimes. The other times my head floods with to-dos. One of my new favorite ways to combat the mounting to-do list is to open up one of my favorite apps. Headspace is a 10 minute guided meditation app that helps you relax and focus inwards. I’m constantly amazed at the amount of stress I bottle up during the day.  Ten minutes of relaxation does the trick! Sometimes I don’t even want to listen to someone speak. Amiright? That’s when Relax Melodies comes in. The perfect white-noise app for your kids AND you. Flip on Do-Not-Distrub mode, lay down on the couch, and turn on your favorite sound, or combination! There are several spa-like sounds (Eternity is my fave) that I use to give my mind a break. Bonus points if you light a candle or turn on a diffuser! 

Stretch (or shake) It Out {5 Minutes}

Here’s one you can easily teach your kids! When you start getting a little antsy or let’s be honest, annoyed, take a break. There are so many fantastic YouTube clips on yoga stretches. My favorite little routine is one my 2 year old and I made up. We reach up, reach down, then shake all around…very precise. No matter what your routine is or how many cat/cow moves you do, I guarantee your body will feel more alert and your brain will be more clear. 


However you take a break, just make sure that you do.

Happy Holidays to you all, and Merry Rejuvenation!