You need more daisies this season!


Moms let’s face it, by baby number two we are all feeling a little saggy around the eyes, dull and plain when we look in the mirror, and our dimples have become “laugh lines.” People say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but in my world, daisies are! You need more daisies this season. 

You need more Daisies

Daisy extract is twice as effective as a natural skin brightener than arbutin.

What is daisy extract? Daisy extract is the non-toxic extract of the daisy flower. Like arbutin, daisy extract inhibits the forming of extra melanin – but with a brighter result. By reducing the forming of melanin, it is a great go-to ingredient for treating hyperpigmentation, and it does not require a prescription. 

Daisy is an antioxidant

It fights free radical damage, keeping away those fine lines, and preventing further damage.  Yet another reason you need more daisies in your life. 


Daisy is safe during pregnancy

Unlike many prescription counterparts, Daisy extract is safe to use throughout pregnancy. Since hormonal changes bring on the darkening of the skin during pregnancy, daisy extract can help sustain balance. 


Daisy extract is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory

Daisy helps prevent acne while helping to lighten the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by previous “picking.” It also encourages the healing of any 

Daisy extract is a natural surface exfoliant

The natural organic acids it contains helps slough away old, dull skin. Exfoliating is a great way to make sure that the skin looks healthy and vibrant. 

Daisy supports the respiratory system

Being an edible flower, when eaten, the daisy aids both the respiratory system and supports digestion. Not only does it add to a beautiful plate but it helps more systems than just our skin. 

Daisy in SaladWhether you are looking to aid in correcting sun damage, reduce the signs of aging, lighten acne, or support your other systems – you need more daisies in your life!