The Family Table: Everyday Celebration Collection


Family celebrations are important. Whether it be celebrating something concrete like a birthday or accomplishment at school or celebrating more seemingly everyday moments like good attitudes and time together, acknowledging these things with a meal together breathes life into your family.

Here at Richmond Moms Blog, we have a lot of different families represented and we all celebrate differently. Today, three of our writers share their families’ go-to informal celebration meals.

Christina’s Family – Simple Steak

My husband and I are both originally from Texas so grilling is sort of like a religion there. Although ribeyes were the celebration choice cut of my childhood, my children and I now prefer tenderloin to celebrate special moments like a straight-A report card or a note home sharing something extra kind and brave the children have done. 

Steak Cooking Tips –

While we prefer them cooked medium rare over an open flame, in these cold winter months we often use our seasoned cast-iron skillets.

  1. Season the meat with nothing but salt, pepper, and a little olive oil. 
  2. Sear the steak on both sides over high heat in a hot cast-iron skillet.
  3. Finish off the steak in a 400° oven for about 8 minutes, depending on the thickness of the steak.


As for sides, we usually just do some fresh cut fruit for the kids and a baked sweet potato. It’s a decadent dinner treat for these Texas transplants! 

Chastity’s Family – Meat and Cheese Plate

My family has so many fond memories of our trip to Spain where we ate tapas style food every day. A meat and cheese plate reminds us of our trip and is great because it satisfies everyone’s craving for their favorite foods. Prosciutto for my daughter, manchego cheese for my son, good crusty bread for my husband, and mozzarella for me! Add in sliced fruit and some jams and it is the perfect meal.

For a rounded out meal, on our meat and cheese plate I like to include:

  • Assorted meats: salami, pepperoni, and prosciutto
  • Assorted cheeses: manchego, gouda, goat cheese
  • Sliced fruit: apples and pears
  • Spreads: onion or fig jam.
  • Yummy toasted bread with olive oil and salt.


Marcie’s Family – Homemade Tacos

Tacos were the meal of my childhood and are now my children’s favorite meal as well. My brother and I routinely asked for a taco Christmas dinner instead of the traditional fare. My dad grew up in Reno, Nevada and his mom learned to make these shells from the taco shop on the corner.

To make the shells:

  • Corn Tortillas
  • Oil for frying
  1. Select a pan slightly larger than the tortillas.
  2. Fill the pan approx ¾” with oil and heat on high.
  3. The oil should sizzle when the tortilla touches it. If not, it is not hot enough.
  4. When the oil is sizzling hot, carefully add one tortilla flat. It should bubble up and float to the top.
  5. Flip the tortilla once it is golden brown on the underside.
  6. Using tongs, carefully fold the tortilla into taco shape using tongs holding half of it in the oil.
  7. Then turn and fry the other half in the oil.
  8. When your taco shell is crispy and beautiful, cool it on a paper towel.
***Carefully monitor the hot oil. Hot oil should never be left unattended and should always be kept out of reach of children. Never add anything with moisture to the hot oil which can cause it splatter and result in burns***


  • Refried beans – make your own
  • Ground beef
  • Freshly grated cheese (not from a bag)
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Salsa
  • Sour cream
  • Guacamole