Live A Fuller, Happier Family Life by Living a More Organized Life




Live Organized. Enjoy life. Now honestly, what mother doesn’t think that sounds like an AWESOME idea? But as moms, we also know that it is much easier said than done. Organizing a home full of kids’ and parents’ stuff often seems like a never-ending dilemma, and it is often the source of arguments, frustration, and anxiety for us mommas!

Enter theNeatNiche:: You really can have a fun filled, enjoyable life with the time and space to live a life focused on what matters most to you and your family! The secret is learning how to let go of what’s holding you back. The organizing solutions designed by theNeatNiche are not complex; they are not expensive systems, shelves and hardware; and they are completely customized to the way your family lives, plays and works.

To give us a first hand look at how working with Erin Podbielniak and theNeatNiche team makes this possible for real families, I met with Tasha Skillin, a repeat customer who has personally seen the life changing impact that theNeatNiche promises. Tasha says that she and her husband are passionate, inspired, creative and busy people raising a family and managing a house together, like many of us.

Because of the mess they were constantly trying to “manage” in ways that didn’t truly work for either adult in the house nor the kids, they found themselves frustrated over piles and not being able to find what they needed, when they needed it.

Having worked with theNeatNiche team on more than one organizing project, Tasha says that this will truly start the future of more connection for your family. The systems developed by theNeatNiche are about collaboration and ownership of the space together as a family.

Tasha met theNeatNiche President, Erin Podbielniak five years ago when she moved to Richmond with her family from Maryland.  Excitedly, Tasha and her husband built a house together. A self-proclaimed recovering packrat, Tasha brought everything she had ever owned. Her darling husband, on the other hand, is a nomadic gypsy. At the time, they also had two young kids and all their things {you know all the things that an 18-month and 5 year old need}.


Tasha owned her own business and had at least seven to eight years worth of files, and what she now knows was truly just junk, piled high in her new home office on the 3rd floor. That January, she decided to start off the year on a better foot and finally get organized. She signed on with theNeatNiche to spend 3 hours in her office. Rather than coming in with packaged solutions and expensive systems ready to purchase, the team patiently showed Tasha how to go through the files and piles and boxes. They did it with her, not for her. They truly taught her HOW to do this so she could continue it after the team was gone.  

The other thing that Tasha says made a huge difference for her family is that they do not provide a one size fits all system. The team carefully worked with her family to understand what was truly going to work for them:: a highly customized system and process her entire family was most likely to use for the long haul.

The family was so happy with the transformation they saw in their family life after working with theNeatNiche that they brought them back in several more times to tackle areas of need with the same fantastic results:: MORE FUN FILLED FAMILY TIME AND LESS FRUSTRATION!



Lastly, Tasha shared that during the different organization projects, she never felt judged. She realized that she was holding on to stuff because of indecision. She says that she and her husband were both nervous at first, but theNeatNiche team quicky put them at ease and showed that it’s not a personal thing – theNeatNiche simply understands how people work.

This huge transformation in a home office left Tasha ready and energized to keep pursuing her professional dreams and have time to really be present with her family at home. The other thing she points out is that the end result was not a super rigid system; instead theNeatNiche created a command center in the kitchen that actually allows every member of the family to be able to enjoy their time and passions more.

The last thing Tasha wants you to know: Working with theNeatNiche is truly an investment, but your time is worth so much more, and they are finding ways for you to save money as the go. In all of their projects, they used what the family already had in the house to organize the spaces.

If spending time with your family at home enjoying life is something you are missing out on because you are constantly managing the mess of life, give theNeatNiche a call today and get started on the path to a more organized, enjoyable family life!

Richmond Moms Blog is excited to partner with theNeatNiche team and provide you an opportunity to discover the joy and peace of living a more organized life!