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As the year goes on, many of our New Year resolutions typically fall off one by one. One of the resolutions I made this year, was to send more written correspondence.  I was so tired of opening nothing but bills and junk mail when I go to the mailbox. This year I chose to work hard to bring joy every now and again and happiness when the door is opened to see the often brightly colored envelope sticking out amidst the legal envelopes. Sending joy in the mailbox, especially unexpected, is sure to brighten anyone’s day. 

I am happy to say that I am still keeping up with this year’s resolution.

There are specific things that I look for when sending correspondence, and I have even found a company that helps me make sure that I check all of my boxes in order to send the perfect card, thank you note or invitation in the mail.  

Here are my steps to sending a surprise in the mail:

1.       The envelope. 

It’s the first thing that the person sees when opening their mailbox.  Most often I make sure that the envelopes are expressive of the theme I am trying to create. Sometimes I match the design, sometimes I coordinate.  Each time I send joy, its different. 

2.       The card.

I have started to collect them, so that I have some of them ready to go.  Others, I pick out directly for the individual.  Currently, I am really excited about foil.  I feel like it gives the shine & happiness that glitter creates, without all of the mess.

3.       Timeliness.

It is really important that cards are received on time.  In my planner, I keep a calendar of the important birthdays and events.  I look at this calendar in the beginning of the month and then again weekly.  I prepare the cards on Sunday night and then they go out on Mondays. 

And last but not least:

4.       Include a personal note.

Its always nice to add a personal touch to your correspondence. A quick little note is all that is needed sometimes to make all the difference in the world and put a smile on someone’s face.


Like most mamas, I don’t have endless hours to shop for cards, invites and thank you notes.  A company that I have found that really checks all of the boxes for me is Basic Invite. Not only do I send out a lot of thank you notes, but I send out a lot of invitations and Basic Invite really has me covered for everything I need as my go to source.

Great envelopes (Check) – With over 40 colors to chose from no matter how I design my piece I’m covered.

Did you say design? (Yep) – not only are the options unique, but you have the ability to customize them to your color scheme and theme.  PS, I mentioned I love foil.  If you are like me, no worries – they got us covered.

Timeliness (Basic Invite can help with that too) How many of you hate addressing envelopes? I know its not a favorite pastime of mine.  They have an amazing address capturing service that will collect the addresses of your friends and loved ones and print them on the envelopes when you are ready to go.  Share the link on social media and Basic Invite does the heavy lifting for you. The time saved here is amazing.

Personal Note ( ? ) Well that is entirely up to me and filled with heartfelt joy as I send them.


I challenge you this year to send more items in the mail.  It’s a rarity that I cherish and many of the items I have received have turned into mementos that I keep in a special box that I can revisit.  


With graduation coming up, Basic Invite’s Graduation Invitations can’t be matched. They are unique and have almost unlimited colors – there are even folding graduation invitations. Not sure if your design will translate well once its in your hand, request a custom sample.  Basic Invite will send it to you so you can feel comfortable in the quality, look, and feel.   They really have thought of everything!

**Richmond Moms Blog often receives requests for sponsored posts.  We only recommend products and services that we have tried ourselves and believe are a good fit for our community.  This post is a sponsored post by Basic Invite.  The thoughts and feelings expressed are our own. 



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Emmie Croxford
Emmie Croxford is a single mom to three amazing boys: Hunter, Ryder, and Ben. With two boys on the autism spectrum, every day is an adventure. Emmie was an original founder of comedy troupe, Jester's Ink, and has toured throughout the country empowering women through comedy as well as providing various workshops in the corporate and non-profit sector for over 2 decades. She is currently working on her book, “Life of a Messy Mom.”