Top 3 Reasons Your Husband Will Want to Go to a Marriage Seminar


In my line of work, I see all types of relationships.

When I encourage guys to take their wives to a marriage class, they shudder. 

If this is the reaction from me, imagine the responses wives would receive: “What did I do?” or “Are we okay?”

But what if New York Times bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages was coming to Richmond in August – would you be willing to ask him to go?  Here is your chance: on August 13th at the Byrd Theatre, Dr. Gary Chapman will be doing a show here in RVA. 

Below are my top three reasons why your husband will want to go to this marriage seminar: 

1. It’s a date night WITHOUT the kids.

Let’s face it.  By August most parents are wondering whether the summer is ever going to end. By offering a date night in Carytown including dinner before and maybe some dessert afterward, there aren’t many men who will turn down this opportunity.

Want to kick it up a notch?  Invite another couple (making sure the husband is a buddy to your spouse) and you are in for a fun night of friends, food, and 5 love languages.

2. You really want to learn his love language.

Us guys always want to please our spouses. Even better, when our wives want to learn how to love us more, we are all in. This is a unique opportunity because everyone has heard of the book but many still have not read it. 

The 5 Love Languages is the #3 bestselling book of all time behind Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People and the #1 bestseller, The Bible.  Let’s take this a step further. Tell him that you have been wanting to read this book together but if he goes, he won’t have to read the book. If guys can get out of reading a book on love, they are in. 

And the top reason guys will go to a marriage seminar is….

3. Physical connection. (Seriously, is this a surprise to any of you?)

As you learn each other’s love languages, intimacy on all levels (emotional and physical) grows. Being intentional about investing time and energy into your marriage has benefits across the board and will lead to you being more emotionally and physically connected, which is something you both can get excited about. 


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Chris Beach is the Executive Director of the Relationship Foundation of Virginia.  He lives in Henrico County with his wife of 15 years and four boys.  He is a life-long Richmonder and loves to help couples strengthen their relationships, encourage dads to be active in the lives of their children, and teach youth about the fears and joys of healthy relationships.  For more information about the Relationship Foundation of VA, go to  

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A native Virginian, Chris spent the first part of his career teaching at the elementary and middle school levels. Inspired by his students, he coordinated fundraisers that helped shed light on the challenges they were facing. After several successful events, it led him out of the classroom and into the non-profit world. More than six years later, Chris draws from his experiences as an educator, a father to four boys and a loving husband to lead the Relationship Foundation of Virginia. The Relationship Foundation of Virginia, formerly First Things First of Greater Richmond, recognizes that the strength of our community and the future of our city lies in the health of the family. When our families and relationships are healthy, life is richer and more fun. Without strong, lasting relationships, life can be harder, feel emptier and lead to more challenges – not only for us, but for our communities. As our name suggests, Relationship Foundation of Virginia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to building the fundamental element of strong communities: healthy relationships and families.