In the mood for romance…in a movie?


So, perhaps this Valentine’s Day, you’re too time-pressed and cash-strapped to make reservations for dinner out (um, hello. That would be me) and want a romantic evening at home. Or maybe you find yourself single, or you or your partner are traveling for work on the actual day (it is a Tuesday, after all), and you’re planning to sit yourself in front of the TV to experience romance…in a movie. We at Richmond Moms Blog are here for you with our list of favorites. I know you’ll find something you like. 

Although I’ve since lost control of my remote (not a surprise, really, when you see my list of favorite movies…), I was a bit of a romantic comedy junkie for much of the past 20 years of marriage (I know, I can’t possibly be old enough to have been married for 20 years!). Here are some that we’ve loved (in no particular order):

A Lot Like Love. This is one my husband likes as much as I do. Ashton Kucher and Amanda Peet have amazing chemistry. It’s funny, just a little edgy, and full of emotion. Great, great movie.

Music and Lyrics. This is another my hubs has willingly watched multiple times. Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant are charming and funny and have great chemistry. Good supporting cast and fun music.

50 First Dates. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in a funny, sweet movie. This is another one my hubby actually enjoys.

Begin Again. This movie will make you fall in love with life, and it has fantastic music. Best of all, it stars Mark Ruffalo, one of my most favorite actors to watch. He’s so warm and real and loveable.

13 Going on 30. Another movie with Mark Ruffalo being warm and loveable, though not as complicated. Brings back lots of memories of pre-teen life in the ’80s and brings up the perennial, “What if?” question.

When Harry Met Sally. Possibly the best movie of all time and a smart commentary on male-female relationships. If you haven’t seen it, you must.

Valentine’s Day. I’m not afraid to admit I’m a huge Garry Marshall fan. Sometimes I just want to watch something cheesy and heartwarming, and he is my go-to guy. This one has lots of top celebrities, including Ashton Kucher, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Garner, and it follows multiple love stories. I promise you’ll feel the love.

Runaway Bride. Another cheesy, but cute and heart-warming, Garry Marshall movie with Julia Roberts and Robert Gere. My husband has practically memorized the dialogue of this movie…that’s how many times I’ve seen it. (And I’m a little embarrassed about that.)

For pure escapism, anything with Matthew McConaughey. Failure to Launch, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, The Wedding Planner. They might not be deep, but they’re fun and easy. 

Here are some of our other contributors’ picks:


Chocolat with Juliette Binoche. I know Johnny Depp has suffered bad press, but the movie is still one of my favs.

Playing by Heart. An all-star cast, including Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Phillipe and many more.


Definitely Maybe. A romance that shows a character who doesn’t have just one person who is “ideal” for them. Also, the movie has such a sweet take on parenting; the father doesn’t shy away from discussing serious issues with his daughter by telling her his stories.  

You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless In Seattle, French Kiss. All good Meg Ryan movies that are well worth watching. The first two also star Tom Hanks, and they are adorable together. Sleepless in Seattle is another classic you have to watch at least once!


Love Actually. A great movie that successfully weaves together several different stories of love and loss.

The Notebook. I know…cliché, but it has that kind of “can’t-live-without-you-cry-til-I’m-ugly” kind of love. 


Crazy Stupid Love. Who knew that Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling would be such a great team!?

Tristan and Isolde. Tristan and Isolde is a timeless romance filled with lots of action. Something to please both my husband and me.


Just Friends. A classic Rom-Com with some sweet eye candy (hello, Ryan Reynolds!). Before you know it you’re trying to tell the characters what to do and your heart is swept up in the sweet story. 

I’m all about Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightly) and Sense and Sensibility over here. And anything else with Kate Winslet. {I also have to add the old Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. You’ll always remember the scene when he goes swimming, I promise. –Catherine}


Once. Directed by James Carney, who also directed Begin Again, Once features beautiful music and tells the love story of two struggling musicians in Dublin.


Dirty Dancing. A classic. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey are iconic!

Silver Linings Playbook. A good but kind of dark romantic comedy.


Ever After. Drew Barrymore in a retelling of the Cinderella story.  

The Philadelphia Story. A classic starring Katharine Hepburn and James Stewart. 


You now have permission to sit and relax and watch a movie that will make you laugh, cry, or both! Truly, everyone needs some romance…in a movie :).

So, turn on the Amazon Prime Video or Netflix movie of your choice, and don’t forget to share your favorite romances in the comments!



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