3 Tips for Living Mom Life In Style


We all know what it’s like to look at a closet full of nothing to wear. We know how it feels to show up to an event or meeting or date night and lack confidence because of the way you’re dressed. We know what it’s like to feel frumpy and unmotivated around the house. To get mom guilt around wanting to feel cute in our own clothes. And to become completely overwhelmed when simply trying to get dressed. I’ve been there with you.

As a former Hollywood Stylist turned Mom Stylist, I get excited helping mamas find their personal style. There’s nothing better than a mom who feels sexy on date night again, who walks into the meeting knowing she’s gonna crush it because that power dress gives her the confidence boost she needs, or who simply feels amazing on her weekly grocery store run.

With over 10 years of styling under my belt, I’ve learned a few things about cultivating personal style. I hope to help change the negative narrative that exists sometime -I’m just a mom- and to make style simple and attainable. So, I’ve put together 3 Tips you can start implementing now to build the perfect momiform.






PRO TIP: We tend to have a primary and secondary style type, so don’t put pressure on yourself to only identify with one! Sometimes we choose style types based on what is aesthetically pleasing and not on what we will actually wear and feel good in. For example- I love a good Free People catalog, I really want to have boho style.  I always want to wear those flowy shirts that look so cute on fashion bloggers, but in reality… when I put it on, I feel like a frumpy mama wearing a potato sack.

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There are 5 basic body shapes, do you know yours? Once you know your body shape, you are empowered to use style as a tool to create a proportional silhouette.

I don’t love the idea of naming our body shapes after fruit or shapes so let’s just call them as they are:

NO CURVES (measurements will all be the same)

BIGGER IN THE MIDDLE (waist measurement is the greater number)

PROPORTIONAL ( bust and hip measurements are equal)

BIGGER ON THE BOTTOM (hip measurement is the greater number)

BIGGER ON THE TOP (bust measurement is the greatest number)


To determine your shape, all you need is a soft measuring tape and to know where to measure! Measuring across your bust, natural waist, and widest area of your hip will give you all the info you need to know. How the numbers compare determines which body shape you are!

The trick to dressing for your shape is to create a proportional silhouette. Think of showing off your best areas, not covering up the ones that aren’t your favorite! Positive body mindset is a must, mama!

If you are bigger on the bottom- wear prints on the top, bigger on the top- wear prints on the bottom. Mama’s with no curves can rock a deep v neck tee, and mama’s who are bigger in the middle can flaunt a fit and flare dress like nobody’s business!


PRO TIP: Have fun playing dress up with different outfit formulas. Do a Pinterest search for celeb body doppelgangers to find some style inspiration. You’ll discover a lot of relatable style this way.




Do you love Reece Witherspoon’s preppy feminine style? Me too! So cute. But my life doesn’t lend itself to a lot of little dresses and heels right now. We have to be realistic about how we spend our time and then make sure that our wardrobe matches our lifestyle.

Take a moment to determine what you spend your time doing. Think of your lifestyle as a pie– what area gets the biggest piece of the pie? If you are a corporate 9-5 mama, you need to make sure you have a solid work wardrobe before shopping for casual wear. If you are a stay at home mama who recently stepped out of the corporate world, you might find yourself staring at a closet full of clothes from your former life that you can’t even wear.

Sometimes we go through these life transitions but we forget to transition our style. Does your closet reflect who you are and where you are going? If not, it might be time to reevaluate. Before you head to Target and grab another on-off shirt from the clearance section, think about what you NEED to complete your wardrobe for each section of your life. Start with what you spend the most time doing. Once your wardrobe is complete in that section of life, move onto the next. This creates habits of intentional shopping and instead of having a closet full of nothing to wear, we begin to curate a closet full of clothes we love and feel great in.   


It’s true that once you become a mom, there is less me-time. But it’s also true that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. Not only do you deserve to show up as your best self and feel good in what you’re wearing, but your people need you to. Mornings are less frustrating when you love everything in your closet and it all fits. Not having to waste time trying on 8 outfits you hate before finding one that you kind of like. And I don’t know about you, but I love having the extra time for a hot cup of coffee… alone!