Keeping it all together


“I don’t know how you do it? You always are so put together.” It’s a phrase I hear a lot. But, let’s face it none of us have it all together.  If I’m being honest, I fell like most people have it way more together than I do and I am often surprised when I am complimented on looking like I am very put together – I feel like little do they know about the hot mess that is me.  How do I keep it all together? (I promise it really just looks that way.)



1.       I have a messy house. I don’t even stress about it anymore. Right now as I write this I have a pile of laundry that I am staring at and a donut box on the floor. Does that make me a bad mom? I doubt it. My house doesn’t have to look perfect to be full of love and fun.

2.       Mascara – I have mascara in my purse, in my car, in my house. I’m often super tired.  I feel like even with one coat of mascara I can at least look awake, with very little effort. It’s simple and it makes me happy.

3.       I have a gratitude journal and I make a list of ten things I am thankful for.  Every day!

4.       I get my nails done.  Every two weeks. What looks like well-manicured hands is really a product of mass quantities of anxiety. I bite and pick at my nails. Every two weeks I meet with Lynda and we have a great time.  It’s a time when I can laugh and just be me. I used to change my polish up a lot – now I am pretty smitten with OPI’s “Love is in the Bare”

5.       I have confidence that I am always exactly where I should be. Most days at my job, I never know what to expect. Knowing that I’m doing what I am supposed to be doing gives me the ability to carry that confidence forward through other aspects of my life and believe me – a little confidence goes a long way.

6.       I check in with myself – often.  Until recently, this was something that only people with a lot of time on their hands did. It isn’t it is something that all of us need to do.  Recently I began floating and have  worked with Dr. Berv at the The Float Zone. I have been able to spend that time just for me, and really focusing on myself.  While you are floating, you are able to really relax in an environment that is warm and comforting.

7.       I put my makeup on in the car – its true.  The lighting is better and closer to what people see you as.  Just please don’t apply it while driving.

8.       I’m always early. Always.  If I am on time, I am late.  You have made time in your day for me, the least I can do is be on time.

9.       My schedule is color coded.  Each child has a color / each work activity has a color. As a “serial entrepreneur” as someone recently called me, its important that I make sure I am able to fulfill all of my obligations.  Color coding it allows me to look at an event quickly without having to figure out all the details – the color reminds me of who/ what I am supposed to bring or do.

10.   I’m learning how to love myself.  I know we all like to say that right? But would you date you? Would you want to be friends with you? If the answer is no, adjust and celebrate your strengths.

As you can see, clearly I have it far from together, but I have learned a few tips and tricks along the way that have really helped me be a better version of me.  What tips do you have that make you a better version of you? 

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Emmie Croxford
Emmie Croxford is a single mom to three amazing boys: Hunter, Ryder, and Ben. With two boys on the autism spectrum, every day is an adventure. Emmie was an original founder of comedy troupe, Jester's Ink, and has toured throughout the country empowering women through comedy as well as providing various workshops in the corporate and non-profit sector for over 2 decades. She is currently working on her book, “Life of a Messy Mom.”