daylight saving time, I’ll beat you one day


Every single year, we go through a Godforsaken time change. Supposedly this is supposed to help the farmers, but I’m convinced this is to torture parents. I dutifully make note on my calendar that the time is set to “spring forward” in the spring, and “fall back” in the fall. Each time I make my notes, I also “help” myself by noting when I should get my kids to bed in the days leading up to the change. I say “help,” because I end up giving myself the wrong recommendations (every single year). I am determined, to tell daylight saving time, I’ll beat you one day.

This year might not be one of them.

Since the time was springing forward, I made notes in my calendar that said my kids should go to bed 10 minutes later each day beginning a week or two in advance. Inevitably, I ignore my two-week reminder and wait until the Tuesday before the change. For some crazy reason, I flip the plan each spring and fall. In the fall my kids should be kept up a little later, and in the spring they should go to bed a little earlier.

I’ve made the same mistake this year.

My notes are reminding that my kids should go to bed at 8:10 on Tuesday, 8:20 on Wednesday, 8:30 on Thursday, 8:40 on Friday, and 8:50 on Saturday. Luckily my husband caught my goof this year, and ever so gently reminded me they should get to bed earlier. So we’re starting the transition later than I’d like, but I’m trying.

This year I might not beat daylight saving, but…

I will not give up. I have a plan for the fall. My kids WILL (hopefully) go to be a little later each day. This year, we’ll just survive on a lot of coffee and grace.

Good luck mamas!