Dear Gilmore Girls, Thank you for everything.



Dear Gilmore Girls,

It’s not often that a single show can create bonds across all ages and personalities. Over the weekend Gilmore Girl fans bonded together eating tater tots and drinking coffee to relive our obsession with the cast. It was a magical weekend.  And I’m sure like many, I’ll rewatch every episode until Netflix takes it down. Which will be never, right?

The beauty of your show is how a decade-plus existence has knitted together some beautiful friendships.  Ones that I have cherished for years and others that recently sprouted this weekend. That’s when you know you have good television. By the end of your Day 1 Debut on Netflix, I had at least six new threads across Social Media and my phone about how much we loved you.  Messages and threads that otherwise would have never existed. For this and so many other reasons, I’m here to thank you for a decade of memories.

Thank you, Gilmore Girls for connecting sisters.

I remember so vividly the rush home after school was over.  My sisters and I would crowd around the kitchen TV right at 4pm and watch the back-to-back episodes.  Never mind that we never watched in order.  We always knew what was happening in Stars Hallow, who Rory’s boyfriend currently was, what Michel was fretting about. We knew where Lorelai and Luke were in their MTB (meant-to-be) relationship . Although we never spoke to each other while watching, it was the fact that we girls existed in the same place at the same time…enjoying the same thing.  That was rare in the life of sisters who ranged from middle school to college.

Thank you, Gilmore Girls, for forming friendships.

Eight years ago I met a friend while working at a summer camp.  We were from different states and college rivals. No matter, I knew I’d instantly be her friend when learning her camp name was Gilmore. Match made in heaven. We chatted endlessly about our love of the show and who our favorite boyfriend was (Team Jess!). For a time we even dreamed of opening up a coffee shop/B&B basically based on your show (maybe I still do dream about this). Our mutual love for you, plus new-found obsessions has sustained a thriving friendship across 2,000 miles.

Thank you, Gilmore Girls, for sparking life into Social Media “Friends”.

Nothing like Social Media to bring people together! On Friday I shared my excitement for your come-back with a classic Lorelai GIF. To my surprise I heard from old friends and “friends” who I haven’t quite had the opportunity to bond with yet. People who I had been wanting to make a connection with but hadn’t found the right timing. Now when I see these people in person we instantly have something to bond and gush over…and skip the awkward small talk. I’m really no good at that anyways, so I will happily take the leap in a new friendship to discuss our ratings of the new episodes…and also chat about how we can figure out a way to age like Lauren Graham.

Thank you, Gilmore Girls, for being mine.

Literally moments before I turned on the TV my husband asked for a quick synopsis of your entire seven seasons.  I attempted this ridiculous challenge before becoming mostly annoyed that he would never understand.  Time for TV is limited in our house so typically we spend it watching a show we mutually agree on. Not today! He graciously gave me space (which I will relish in for four nights) to watch each one. I told him to ask no questions as I opened up my pint of Halo Top and dove right into Winter.  Ninety glorious minutes later I was feeling refreshed and nostalgic. The time I have to just be with you, Lorelai and Rory, reminds me of all the years I’ve loved you.  As a teenager seeing Rory’s friendships as decisions carefully chosen and curated. And now as a mother I have a better appreciation of your unique mother-daughter relationship, as well as how we all inevitably become a lot like our mother. While you’ll always be a steady bond between so many of us I do enjoy feeling as if we three are pals.  Thank you, for being mine.

With love for you always,



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