Duchess Kate Had a Baby and I Have Some Thoughts


Earlier this week, the British Royal Family welcomed another little prince into the royal succession line. It made headlines but what really got the internet going was the image of Catherine of Cambridge walking out of the hospital 7 hours after giving birth, newborn in arms, looking positively radiant with her hair and makeup done, designer dress and heels on display. SHE WAS IN HEELS, PEOPLE. SEVEN HOURS AFTER GIVING BIRTH!

I noticed right away.

And it wasn’t long before my feed filled with memes of my friends comparing what they looked like 7 hours after giving birth and news stories where the commenters definitely took notice.

First things first – it really bothers me when people call her Kate Middleton.

Middleton is not her married name and to my knowledge she no longer uses it. I don’t go around calling my friends by names they haven’t used since before they were married, and it makes me crazy when the American press does it. Ok, I feel a little better already.

My initial reaction was disbelief.

How does she look so good? How does her ring fit her already? (I know that’s not uncommon but it was not my experience). Why the heels when she could have opted for a more sensible flat? I feel like I was still in the delivery room getting my blood pressure checked seven hours after giving birth, not ready to head home. Ok, that last one might be a bit of a stretch but it did seem like I was down there for a long time.

After thinking about this spectacle for a few days and taking a cue from my fellow RMB contributor Bunny who urged us not to judge other moms, I came to this conclusion: I sincerely hope that her outfit and what time she left the hospital were her choice and not royal protocol.

I wanted to feel like myself again.

Listen, I wanted to feel like myself after giving birth. For me, that meant something different than it did for probably everyone reading this post. For me, it meant putting makeup on in the hospital. You can judge me if you want. Or you can say, “you know what, if that’s what makes you feel good after growing, carrying then delivering a human then do it!” High-heeled shoes are one of Kate’s signature looks. Maybe, just maybe, it made her feel good.

I get why Kate might want to return home so quickly. Let’s face it, she probably has a mini-hospital set up at Kensington Palace. Most moms are more comfortable at home rather than in the hospital and this is her third child. I personally felt ready to return home faster after my second. 

I can’t imagine the pressure

I can’t even imagine the pressure of the entire world watching your every move. Can you even imagine what people would say if she stepped out of that hospital without makeup on her face? And I’d put money down that she got into something a little cozier as soon as she got home.

She is a very privileged woman who I trust is very well taken care of, so a few minutes in heels seems inconsequential, especially if it made that moment where the world’s eye was on her a little more bearable for her.   

One more tip of the hat to Kate for showing off her postpartum body. One picture really stood out to me. It showed the wind pressing her dress against her stomach with her postpartum belly in plain sight. She didn’t shy away from looking like she had just had a baby. 

Side notes:

  • How sweet were those photos of George and Charlotte walking into the hospital with Charlotte waving at the camera?
  • I just love how Duchess Kate subtly honors her late mother-in-law Princess Diana by dressing similarly. This time she mimicked Diana’s look when Harry was born. It happens way too often to be a coincidence. 
  • I’ll be watching for her at Prince Harry’s wedding. She has no formal role but it will be interesting to see how much she has to do that day with a newborn in tow.