The Family Table: Top 5 Whole30 Family Meals


If you are on social media, I am sure you have seen the thousands of detox, shake-diets, and Beachbody workouts. I will admit, I have fallen into the marketing ploys of many of those out there, many of which have a ton of merit.

But none have opened my eyes to the act of fueling my body in the way that the Whole30 plan has. I gave this plan 100% and came out on the other side of 30 days feeling like I understood my body and what it needed. In the process, my muscles have gotten stronger and I have increased my energy. I even started working out and running again!

Finding meals that my whole family will enjoy is an important factor in making something work as a family of five. So here are our favorites!

My Top 5 Family-Friendly Whole30 Dinners

  1. Beef And Broccoli – I am not a huge Chinese food person so my family was very happy when this earned a spot in the regular rotation. It is sweet and tangy and oh so delicious.
  2. Rosemary Chicken and Asparagus – This is hands-down our favorite meal. We all devour it which usually means no leftovers. It is also my go-to meal for company or to deliver to someone in need.
  3. Zoodles with Meatballs – I have one kiddo who just can’t get behind zoodles (spiralized zucchini), but I am not one to make a separate meal for my less adventurous eaters. I do typically make some gluten-free pasta noodles since the zoodles don’t go very far and that way, he will get a full belly, too. Plus, then I can save some of the leftover zoodles for lunch the next day. [Gluten-free pasta is not on the approved Whole30 list, so skip this one if you are following the plan.]
  4. Shepherd’s Pie – I am actually not sure if this would be considered “family-friendly” but my kids love the Shepherd’s Pie they have at school so I was able to sneak this one in!
  5. Salmon and Broccoli – We LOVE one-pan dinners. This is especially true in the warm weather because we can throw it in the oven and go play outside until dinner. 

My Top 5 Family-Friendly Whole30 Lunches

  1. Turkey Lettuce Wraps – Shh! Don’t tell the kids there are mushrooms in there! Also, I like to add cashews to mine for a little more crunch!
  2. Chicken Bacon Cobb Salad – This is a pretty standard salad. The most interesting part was using the bacon fat to cook the chicken. Who doesn’t LOVE the taste of bacon… on everything?!
  3. Cauliflower Fried Rice – This is another one of those recipes that are easy to get creative; just add whatever veggies you have on hand.
  4. Chicken Fingers w/Veggies – These don’t last very long, they are a kid favorite for sure!
  5. LEFTOVERS – This really should be the #1 lunch! I often double recipes to get enough for my lunches. On Saturday, we reheat the leftovers for lunch or dinner on Saturday depending on our baseball schedule. (Sometimes we eat junk at the concession stand, too!)

My Top 5 Family-Friendly Whole30 Breakfasts

  1. Sweet Potato Toast – This is great for those mornings I oversleep! I prep the “toast” on Sunday and then store it in the fridge for the week.
    I put two slices it in the toaster and top with whatever I am in the mood for that particular morning. When I feel like something savory, I go for a fried egg with salt and pepper and a dash of hot sauce. When I am feeling like I need something fresh, I choose a half of sliced avocado, slice of tomato and salt and pepper. Or if I am feeling like something sweet, I will top with almond butter and cinnamon.
  2. Egg Muffins – The kids love these! Pick a protein and some veggies and that is it! I add all different kinds of veggies depending on what I have on hand. Each morning, grab a couple, zap them in the microwave and voila! I usually add a little Whole30 approved hot sauce, as well. 
    Be sure to let these completely cool before storing to avoid condensation and soggy eggs. 
  3. Sweet Potato Hash – There are lots of variations of this. My favorite has bacon with brussels sprouts but my boys prefer sausage in theirs. I usually make this ahead of time as well and fry an egg to go on top each morning.
  4. Hash Brown Egg Bake – We sometimes have this one for Breakfast for Dinner night as well!
  5. Apple Cinnamon Warm Cereal – This is such a favorite, sometimes the kids will eat it for dessert! 

So there you have it. Our favorite Whole30 meals. Do you have a favorite Whole30 family-friendly meal? 

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