Pick Up That Penny


At some point in our life we’ve all stumbled upon a penny on the ground.

If we’re lucky, it may have been heads up. If we’re even more fortunate, we may have found a nickel, dime, or quarter. Then we get older, and begin to think that it’s not worth stopping to pick up those measly coins. Who are we to think we’re too good for a lucky penny?

Today is National Lucky Penny Day,

I think this is the perfect time to fix our relationship with the lost change we spot along away. Who are we to teach our kids to skip on this free opportunity to save?

Teaching our kids the value of money is a process, but there are little things we can do to help them learn.

Taking the time to pick up lost change is about more than picking up what once lost.

We are teaching our children that even the smallest of things are is important. A penny or nickel may be of small monetary value, but picking it up is the first step. Once in hand, we acknowledge that this has value and it something to be retained. Next comes the important step, saving it by putting it in their piggy bank. This is the start of an important financial habit.

Teaching our children to save at a young age is setting them up for strong financial future.

I’ve talked before about how I’m not raising a child, and this is one important part of the puzzle. I hope that my girls and your child(ren) will be financially capable of raising themselves. If they’re going to be financially strong, they have to be in the habit of saving their money, otherwise, they will not be prepared for the inevitable unexpected large expenses.

Our children will be required to study economics and personal finance to graduate high school (at least those here in the state of Virginia), but with our help, they can better understand their application.

Why wait until later to teach our kids what they can learn today?

Pick up that lucky penny (or nickel, dime, or quarter) and encourage your child to watch it grow. Acknowledge that this little coin is the start of something more. And don’t forget to save!

Richmond Moms Blog: Pick up that penny