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Whether relocating across country our across town, moving can be overwhelming.  As moms, we are not only responsible for the packing and arranging, but we do it all while managing an active household. We are masters at multi-tasking and making it all happen. Because of this, there have been times when I have not packed as carefully as I should have or threw things in boxes that I had no intention of taking with me.  

While moving can be super stressful, it doesn’t have to be.  Here are some of my favorite tips that make moving a whole lot easier. 

1 Have a checklist

Write your plan down.  I keep everything in a binder, that way I can keep everything in one central place. 

move checklist

2 Declutter 

By getting rid of things that you no longer want or need, you will save so much time and energy.  You also don’t have to simply throw things away (although that talking Buzz Lightyear with only one leg may be destined for the trash) you can donate things or put them on the marketplace or any number of resale shops.  What a great way to make some extra money for your new home?   

3  Eat, Eat, Eat 

You know that canned chicken breast that was left over from that Tailgate party you had last fall? Make a chicken salad and eat it. Kitchen items can be so time consuming and tedious to move – not to mention HEAVY.  Consider it an adventure – I have so many items in my pantry that are easily forgotten about because I don’t use them all the time.  Also check expiration dates! Anything that is expired – throw away! 

4 Don’t Wait Until the last minute

This piece of advice, I really wish I could harness in every portion of my life. If you are like me, it is so easy to re-prioritize and do things tomorrow.  Procrastination in this area though will be a killer.  Start small.  If you know that the move is coming, you can start decluttering months ahead of time.  Putting everything off, is the easiest path to broken treasures and moving unnecessary items. 

5 Pack and emergency suitcase or bin that stays with you

Even with the best laid out plan, you never know what is going to happen.  Pack clothes and personal items (toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, etc) for a few days. Any comfort items that your children might need would go in this bin too – I mean who wants to be looking for that special blanket or binkie at the eleventh hour after a long day of moving.  It will be top of mind, and easy to get to. 

Pack a suitcase

6 Color Code and label everything

I know that I have mentioned it before, but I color code most aspects of my life.  This allows me to simply look at the color and know what I am doing with the activity.  This can be the same in this instance. Colored labels are your friend.  Give each child/ then each room a separate color post it and voila the item can be packed in the appropriate room and delivered to the appropriate space in your new house. 

color code

7 Talk to your kids about the move and involve them in packing when possible

While moving can be stressful for moms and parents in general, it’s an opportunity for our children to be involved and look at the adventure ahead.  By involving your children, you get to dream together and make the changes appear less scary. Children are often far more resilient than we think and including them helps to make their transition easier – plus they get to help pack, never a bad thing.

talk to your kids about the move

8 Utilize space in the boxes you are packing 

Putting everything semi-neatly in boxes will really help to minimize any damage that shuffling may create.  Nest things inside of one another with bubble wrap in between – use the space as best you can. I’m not a huge fan of cardboard so I use bins.  Not only are they sturdy, but they hold up in any kind of weather.  I don’t have to source them from various stores and they are brought to me and then picked up just as easily.  They come neatly stacked on a dolly and can be transported a few at a time when full – which makes the job easier when we get to the new house. Plus there is very little footprint as these boxes are used again and again. 

9 Know when to take a break 

Not every day is our best, moving can add to the already stressful days of motherhood.  It is ok to put the packing away for a day or an evening and just take a break.  Trust me the bins will be there tomorrow and after a night off you will feel energized and ready to go the next day. 

10 Hire Professionals to help

I can not stress this one enough.  I have seen time and again folks, me included, who try to do everything on their own.  Having help can really help take the stress out of a day or a few days that are long and tedious.  Remember movers are professionals and do this for a living and they are able to get items out of a house much quicker than we can.  Finding a trusted partner that helps make the entire move easier can be such a lifesaver.

One of our favorite moving companies to work with is Go Green Rent A Box & Moving Company. They have a great team and really focus on what matters most – making moving easier by really listening to our needs and then providing solutions for your move.  Not only are they the company that provides the bins for your move (because who needs all that cardboard), the drop off and pick up process is a breeze. 

They can also move the bins for you, so there is no need to co-ordinate your friend’s pickup or box truck.  Their movers cover the floors and use door jamb protectors ensuring the safety of your items.  Furniture is wrapped in blankets and stored carefully in the truck for your move.  The team at Go Green Rent A Box & Moving Company really ticks off all the boxes for me – from outstanding customer service, to making move day easy, I’m thankful for a partner I can trust. 

Moving is never easy, but hopefully these tips are helpful.  Preparing beforehand really can be the greatest part of making your day smooth. So here’s to you mama! May your next home be everything you want it to be and more. Cheers!

**Richmond Moms Blog often receives requests for sponsored posts.  We only recommend products and services that we have tried ourselves and believe are a good fit for our community.  This post is a sponsored post by Go Green Rent A Box & Moving Company.  The thoughts and feelings expressed are our own. 

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Emmie Croxford
Emmie Croxford is a single mom to three amazing boys: Hunter, Ryder, and Ben. With two boys on the autism spectrum, every day is an adventure. Emmie was an original founder of comedy troupe, Jester's Ink, and has toured throughout the country empowering women through comedy as well as providing various workshops in the corporate and non-profit sector for over 2 decades. She is currently working on her book, “Life of a Messy Mom.”