Nanny Tax?


One of the most important decisions that we make as mothers is that of the care of our children. 

Often its complicated.  Do we stay home? Do we go back to work? A little of both? And, of course there are a million emotions that go with any decision that we make. One option that many moms are taking advantage of as they go back to work is inviting a nanny into their home.  Clean house, children taken care of, dinner on the table when you walk in from work. 

It all sounds like the best dream, right? 

For those of us that have nannies and in-home childcare, this is a reality.  For these reasons, as well as growing affordability, many families are beginning to choose this option. But, having a household employee can be complicated, especially when it comes to paying what many deem to be a new addition to the family.  For instance, you know that once you have paid your nanny or sitter more than $2100 that the IRS considers them a household employee, rather than an independent contractor? Me neither! Did you know there are about a zillion forms that also need to be filled out? Nope.  How am I supposed to know which form are which and when do I file what?  There are forms and timelines and filing deadlines. 

Sound Confusing?

Thank goodness that there are companies that help figure it our and handle it for us.  Luckily, Richmond Moms Blog has partnered with Poppins Payroll, a company that cares about families providing us with an all-inclusive service that takes the guesswork out of being a household employer.

Poppins Payroll has thought of everything. 

Their website is user friendly and helps you with the process as you go. Not only do they set up the state and federal accounts, but they calculate the withholding amount as well. Poppins Payroll submits your quarterly tax filing and prepares the W2 and Schedule H at the end of the year too! Employees can also be paid with direct deposit – they even send reminders that the pay period is closing, because let’s face it – as moms there is always so much to do. 


Leave it to a mom to figure it out! 

Poppins Payroll was founded by two moms, who shared in our frustrations. As an attorney and a CPA, they knew how important it is to make sure that it is done right and created Poppins Payroll to create a one stop solution that is not only easy but affordable.

Turns out “you don’t have to empty your wallet to run a perfect payroll!”