There is a Mommy Uniform that We All Wear


Every Friday morning I meet with a group of Richmond moms that come together to support one another and share life experiences. What a blessing it is to have girlfriends! I’m telling you right now that every mom needs to have a group like this

Anyway, I was looking around this group of women when it occurred to me just how different we all are. From sweatpants to dresses with pearls, each of our fashions tells a story of our lives. And the best part is that we all fit in. Wearing what makes you feel good is the highest level of mom fashion. 

The Mommy Uniform

It’s evident wherever we go. The moms at preschool drop-off, for instance. There are moms who always wear Spandex, obviously on their way to the gym. Moms with blazers and heels, heading off to important meetings. Moms with jeans and a giant tumbler of coffee, getting ready to take on errands with gusto. Moms wearing clothes way too big because they are four weeks pregnant and already feeling like they show. Moms in sweatpants, heading back home to finally take a shower without interruption. 

We all have a mommy uniform, a fashion that meets us where we are. Hopefully it’s what makes us feel good about ourselves! I am so thankful that in Richmond we have such a diverse group of moms who collectively light up our city in different ways. 

My Favorite Fashion Finds

I am a creature of habit and a creature of comfort! So when it comes to my personal mommy uniform, I need versatility that will take me through my entire day. Here are my fashion must-haves:

  • Leggings! There seems to be a debate about whether leggings are pants or not. I think leggings are the best thing in the entire world, as long as your hind-side is appropriately covered. Companies like LuLaRoe offer hundreds of different prints that allow me to express who I am (colorful and quirky?). At the same time, I can change up my look every day and continue to be as comfortable as when I wear pajamas. 
  • TOMS shoes. Honestly the least girly thing about me is that I really don’t like shoes. I would rather be barefoot or in a comfy pair of socks. But I do love TOMS. It was their famous tagline, One for One, that originally lured me in. For every pair of shoes purchased, they donate one pair to a child in need. They have from the beginning, and they have added even more giving avenues with their eye-wear line, coffee beans, and bags. Who wouldn’t love a company that gives back so much? Well, truth be told, I love the shoes as much as I love the TOMS Company itself. I wear TOMS nearly every single day and have a rainbow of colors to choose from. 
  • Cozy Comfort Statements. I’m not going to lie, I love a good sweatshirt. Gone are the high school days when I would wear a hoodie sweatshirt everywhere, though. Today’s sweatshirts have kicked it up a notch. I recently purchased this sweatshirt from locally owned For Posh Sake, and it has quickly become a staple favorite. 
  • My OtterBox. It has a unique name, but an OtterBox is just a rough and tough phone case. And you won’t find my phone anywhere without its periwinkle OtterBox because it is a lifesaver! I’m an active mom, and I cannot tell you how many times my phone has been dropped, tossed, or stepped on. Thanks to the OtterBox, it has never received a single scratch. Thank goodness!!

What Fashion Finds Make YOUR Mommy Uniform?

A few years ago I might have said I had zero fashion sense. Or that fashion didn’t really matter to me. But now I know that neither of those statements are true. The truth is that I don’t care what other people think about fashion. The items I like make me unique and put me together as a mom.

Before I figured this out, I used to envy moms who could wear their scarves in 101 different ways and make it look so easy. But in reality, that fashion just doesn’t work for me. Scarves make my neck itch and make me feel claustrophobic no matter how loosely I tie them.

I’ve since learned that everyone has fashion finds that reflect their inner personalities. Ultimately we have to dress to express our true selves. What are your favorite fashion finds? Share below!