Moms Helping Moms in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey


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I’m a fourth generation Texan.

I’m the only member of my maternal side of the family to ever live outside of Texas. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. The house my husband and I shared as newlyweds was in a part of town that left hundreds of homes filled with feet of water just days ago in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We have watched from afar as literally hundreds of people we know and love personally have faced fear, flooding, destruction, and devastation. And now, the long, slow process of recovery begins.

There is such a hopeless, and dare I say disconnected, feeling in being so far away while knowing it could have been you losing all your belongings to the raging flood waters. I have been saddened, scared, and even angry over the last week watching the land that I know and love face the horrors of a hurricane and now weeks of flooding waters. And now, the entire nation is on high alert as Hurricane Irma approaches Florida. 

Hundreds or even thousands of miles away, human nature drives us to watch the natural disaster unfold on television or the internet with restrained horror. We feel sad and sorry for the people we are watching suffer. But if we’re honest, we also feel like there is little we can do to help people living on the other side of the country. And while it is true that most of us can’t drop what we are doing and rush to personally help in the recovery efforts, there is something we can do.  

As parents, we know how important it is to have clean diapers, baby wipes, formula, and food for our children.

As mothers, we can imagine how important it is to spare your children the increased fear and pain of going without these vital items. We can imagine the desire to get back into our damaged home to start the cleanup process. But can we imagine not being able to get access to these simple items? Can we imagine losing everything in the flood waters? 

As a community of parents, we can help families in need get these important items now.

We have partnered with a local community bank, Allegiance Bank, to provide these much-needed items to families in need. You can go onto our Amazon wish list now and send these items directly to Allegiance Bank. The employee volunteers will then personally distribute these items to families with the most need.  

Imagine the mother with 3 young children facing total devastation receiving your package. She will at once know that she is not alone. And she’ll know that there is whole community of moms in Richmond, VA lifting her up and encouraging her during the very tough journey to recover from the destruction she now faces.  

Thank you in advance for loving big and stepping up to help a mother across the country. We are in this together!

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  1. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we are grateful to receive the partnership of Richmond Moms blog. We pledge Houstonians in need will receive the much needed items Richmond moms donate. Your loving support and generosity will bring relief to many touched by this devastating storm. We will continue to share photos as supplies are distributed. Allegiance bankers will continue volunteering throughout Houston and surrounding areas to assist with clean up and recovery efforts during the weeks and many months ahead.

    For long term recovery, we are confident as Houston’s businesses recover from the storm this will generate a positive impact and Houston families will continue to help one another through the recovery process.

    Thank you for extending your friendship. Together we will make a difference!

    Linda Humphries
    Allegiance Bank
    Houston, TX

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