My Preschooler Has Homework


My Preschooler Has Homework

Y’all. As a first-time preschooler mom, when we received my daughter’s Welcome Packet for Preschool, I was beyond excited! “IT’S A LETTER FROM YOUR TEACHER!” I screamed to my daughter, as if Elsa herself had sent us mail. 

I opened up the letter and took in every word.

The excitement her teacher poured out over meeting us at Open House, the wonderful activities and plans she has prepared, and the schedule…don’t forget the schedule! This mama stuck it to the fridge as fast as possible. YAY PRESCHOOL!!! 

And then. 

I saw it. 

A blank piece of paper that said, “I am special” and the words, “Please complete this activity sheet to hang up at school.” 

I literally froze. 

Homework? For preschool?

Y’all, as a former elementary education teacher, I have a pretty good understanding of lesson plans, classroom expectations…and the dreaded ‘H’ word. I know these days, saying the word “Homework” is as dangerous as asking about your political preference. So I’m not here to get into what I believe about homework. 

I’m simply here to whisper, “I’m not sure I can do this.” 

I’m actually really excited to sit down with my daughter and have her paint, color or (since we’re into scissors) make fringe out of her homework assignment. In fact, I’m kind of bummed I’ve never done anything like that with her. 

What I’m actually anxious about is what this paper stands for. This is the gateway, Y’all. This one piece of paper represents YEARS of future projects, late nights, tears, and hard learned lessons in time management. And I recognize that she is three years old…but Y’all, I don’t think I’m ready for that. 

The days may be long, but the years are short.

I can basically tell I’ll finish my daughter’s pigtail braids and then be helping her figure out what in the world moles have to do with science. (SOMEONE, HELP!)

Here’s where I’m reaching out to you, Mama. Can you please tell me something encouraging? Tell me that by the time my daughter is in high school, homework will be banned? Tell me that studies find that creating homemade Egyptian mummy tombs actually cause life long relationship damage???



Okay, I’ll just be over here taking a deep breath and breaking out the watercolor paint. Because if one thing’s for sure, my kid is going to have the best “I Am Special” poster. EVER.