Is it okay to be “ignorant” while I’m a Mother?



I’ve never been a news junkie. My husband reads the news multiple times a day and has his own opinions on what’s happening domestically and internationally. 

But me?

I feel like I’m in time-out sometimes. I open up the news highlights only to stop three seconds in to wipe snotty noses or prevent a small object from reaching my toddler’s lips. 

I can of course tell you who our next President and Vice President will be. But I have zero idea about who will fill Cabinet positions (wait, are they already chosen?!) or the details around the tragedy in Aleppo. And I feel incredibly guilty for this. 

I am not fully aware of suffering around the world. 

I don’t understand the hype around the drone in international waters.

I’m not completely up-to-date on the Russian hacking story. 

Don’t get me wrong–I want to know! I want to watch the videos, read the stories, understand the different points of view. 

But unless I wake up two hours early and stay up way too late, I’m just not going to know. 

And you know what? 

Admittedly I’m okay with it.  For now. 

I’m a full-time work-at-home and stay-at-home mom who doesn’t turn on the TV except for a sacred 30 minutes (okay, usually more) of “Super Why” or “Clifford”. I have my phone on me at all times (because, 2017 ya’ll), but I’m storing a gazillion million photos of my kids and deleted the News apps to maximize space. These could be the ultimate excuses, but I’m determined to accept that. For a time I might be labeled “ignorant” on  world events. But I will not be ignorant about what my daughter enjoys, and I am determined to capture the moment my baby learns to crawl.

As I say with a lot of things these days, “ONE DAY.” One day I’ll read the news again. One day I’ll know all the major leaders of our country. One day I’ll be able to carry on an intelligent conversation about the tragedies around the world. One day I won’t feel guilty about my status as an uninformed citizen. 

Because one day, I won’t be wiping noses or butts all day. I’ll have kiddos in middle and high school who will be taking Government and have homework on current events. And I’ll be able to discuss with them the importance of our political system and hear their budding ideas and take on the world. 

So excuse me while I take a time-out from the news and world events. I’ll be back. But after I empty the Diaper Genie.