Sending Smiles


The Eagle Scout Project is often one of the most important experiences of teens that participate in the Boy Scouts of America scouting program. This year a young man looking for our help to create his Eagle Scout Project. He will be sending smiles to some of those that need it most. 

As we know, we are experiencing some of the largest hit areas of the nation when it comes to our long term care facilities.  Families are not allowed to visit loved ones and other than the folks who work there, there are no additional people allowed in or out of these locations, to reduce the spread of the virus.  It isn’t difficult to see that their residents and staff may be in need of some cheer! 

Joseph Ferry is with Troop 442 and his project is brightening the days of the many elderly folks who reside in our local nursing homes.  They are feeling scared and isolated since the outbreak of COVID-19.  Here’s where we come in.  We can send cards of happiness or have our children make drawings and homemade cards of encouragement to members of these communities. By sending a card for seniors we are making a difference and impacting our community one smile at a time. 

Here are some ideas for your card:

Just say Hi or Hello

Name * School * Age * Pets * Family

Your Favorite things!

Hobbies * Favorite Sports * Favorite Video Games * Favorite School Subject * Pets * Favorite foods * Favorite book/series/author * Art/Drawings

Tell them what fun things you have been doing during Quarantine

Tell them to stay safe * to stay happy * and have Hope

Sending smiles can be simple or complex – your project is entirely up to you. 


For those writing letters, remember, the more you include the more you can positively impact their day.

RVA Cards that Care

I’ve got my cards ready – now what?

As we know contact is difficult so Joseph is tracking his project through email and social media. To help Joseph track how many cards are being sent you can either:

  1. Take a picture and put it on @ (Cards that care) or RMB – Let’s see all of the pictures.

                  email him at [email protected]

                  email Richmond Moms Blog at [email protected] with Cards that Care in the subject

We’ll be tracking it here for him too! We can’t wait to see all of the different places you will be sending smiles. 

  1. Send out your card or drawing to one of the centers below. We can’t wait to see all of those drawings and cards.  What a great way to brighten someone’s day!!!


Please Choose from the locations below:

Lakewood Sr. Apartments

1900 Lauderdale Drive

Richmond, VA 23238


Glenburnie Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

1901 Libbie Avenue

Richmond, Va 23226


The Virginia Home

1101 Hampton St.

Richmond, Va 23220


Beaufont Health and Rehabilitation Center

200 Rioks Rd,

Richmond, Va 23225


Commonwealth Senior Living at Monument Avenue

501 N Allen Ave,

Richmond, Va 23220


Hermitage Richmond

1600 Westwood Ave

Richmond, Va 23227


ManorCare Health Services Richmond

2125 Hilliard Rd,

Richmond, Va 23228


Westminister Canterbury Richmond

1600 Westbrook Ave

Richmond, Va 23227