I. Hate. Summer.


I have a confession to make, and I dare say that it is not a popular opinion…

I. Hate. Summer.

Now that it’s off my chest, I feel like a weight has been lifted. I no longer have to remain under the radar, pretending it’s all sunshine and happiness. You might not realize this, but summer weather brings lots of undesirable consequences.

Consequence #1: the sweat.

No matter what you do, you will sweat during the summer. Dress as cool as possible, you will STILL sweat. I try not to think of myself as the princess type that’s all fussy, but I do not like to sweat. Summer creates a challenge for the professional wardrobe: how to avoid the sweat factor. There are only so many layers of clothes you can appropriately take off.

 Consequence #2: the mosquitoes.

These little boogers are EVIL. You can try all the varieties of bug spray, but somehow you’ll still get bit. I wish I was as lucky as my husband who doesn’t get bit and isn’t bothered by it, but I have no such luck. Those needle-nosed winged creatures love me. They bite me all summer long, and I end up with welts up and down my arms and legs.

Consequence #3: the sunburn.

Each time you plan to spend an extended period of time in the sun, you have the potential for a  sunburn. You have to get out the sunblock and lather up yourself, your significant other, and the kid(s).

That sounds so simple, but let’s be real. If your husband is hairy, you know that the sunblock doesn’t just go on smoothly. If you have a toddler, you know that it’s like wrestling a bear cub to get them ready.

And don’t forget what happens if you don’t apply enough sunscreen while you’re out…it burns, then it itches, then it peels off disgustingly. I thought the lathering everyone up was the worst part, but it might be the sunburn treatment.

Consequence #4: the high maintenance beauty regimen.

Some ladies have found their freedom from the razor and stopped shaving, but I cannot allow my underarms, legs, and nether region to run wild. I might be a little more laid back about grooming frequency during the winter months, but that’s simply not possible during the summer. If I’m going to be “pool-ready” it means daily—or at least every other day, shaving. Some swear by waxing, but it’s not for me.

There was that one time I got my armpits waxed; it was painful, and probably a story for another day. Why must summer beauty be so much work?

Consequence #5: the sand.

I know most people LOVE going to the beach to play in the waves and sit on the sand, but I’m going to have to disagree. The waves are great to listen to, but the sand is like an infestation. It gets everywhere!


The sand shows up in your bathing suit making you uncomfortable. The stuff even gets in your ears, under your nails, even between your teeth! It’s in your car for DAYS (or weeks) after your trip to the beach. Sure you can shake it off, but the sand is never fully gone.

But it’s not all bad…

As I wrote my list of why I hate summer, I started to realize there is a lot that I actually love about summer.

  1. Outdoor Festivals There are opportunities aPLENTY in Richmond. I love a great food festival, and there are far more than I could name. Just google Richmond festivals, and a huge chunk are food focused (Broad Appetite, Filipino Food Festival,Hanover Tomato Festival to name a few). If the food wasn’t enough, there’s the live music. Since I was a child, I’ve been going to Innsbrook After Hours and Friday Cheers, but there are even more opportunities now. All you have to do is google summer music in Richmond and you find a whole host of opportunities around town.
  2. Pool Time – I might not want to spend my summer days in the sand, but I can still enjoy splashing around in my neighborhood pool. If I’m completely honest, I find the pool a whole lot more manageable than the beach with kids. You still have to be mindful of water safety, BUT there are no waves to pull your kids under AND you’re in a confined area. It’s also nice to hear that whistle blow to make your kids sit down and take a rest.
  3. More Sunlight – Summer days mean longer periods of daylight, which means more time with the people you love. I don’t know that I could survive in a place with little to no sun, because boy does that sunshine bring out my sunniest side of me.

There may be days where all I want to do is hide inside, BUT there are also lots of reasons to get me out too. What are your favorite things to do in Richmond during the summer?