I Take My Kids to McDonald’s


No apologies. Zero shame. Nary a compulsion to “resolve” not to — so no breaking of superficial resolutions on this “National Ditch Resolutions Day!”

Every Sunday morning before church, I take my kids to McDonald’s.

Following every orthodontist appointment, I take my kids to McDonald’s. Horrified yet?

That’s not all. After his play rehearsals, I take my son to Taco Bell.

I Take My Son to Taco Bell - Richmond Moms Blog

After her dance practices, I take my daughter to Chick-Fil-A.

I take both to Krispy Kreme often — and have since their twinfancy. 

Why? What rationales can I possibly provide in our post-Spurlock, “Supersize Me”-savvy society?

Easement of the Time Squeeze

Obviously, it’s called fast food for a reason. A schedule rich in extra-curricular activities compounded with the need to facilitate ample time for due-the-next-day homework mandates the occasional — perhaps even frequent — snack/meal compromise.  

Judicious Junk-Food Selection

By law, nutrition facts are available. If you care, they’re there. Use ’em.

Comfort of Consistency

Eating out at sit-down restaurants provides an opportunity for the exploration of different tastes as well as the excitement of sampling more ethnically diverse cuisine. When days are chaotic and time is limited, the familiarity of well-known edibles reassures.

Drive-Thru Discussion-Time

As our twins have grown, I’ve become keenly aware of the captive audience benefits of in-car conversation. Do we need to have a chat? Let’s hit the drive-thru. We need to address a serious topic? Intentionally, we head out when the lines are sure to be long.

Sensitivity to Superlative Service

The grace with which employees earning minimum wage (or barely above) perform their job may be the ultimate conveyor of character, and hopefully, a predictor of future success. Giving my children the opportunity to observe incentive and integrity, work ethic and willingness, is a more than worthwhile reason to procure a Quarter Pounder. 

McDonald’s serves up more than burgers and nuggets. In billions and billions of ways, they aid my life as a mom.

Special sauce, indeed.  


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