RVA Rocks! Simple Family Fun


When we rock in our family, we rock hard!

We rock at Rockwood Park, Huguenot Park, even Pony Pasture. Clearly, I’m not talking about jamming out with the traditional air guitar and foot stomping rock n’ roll tunes—though we do plenty of that too.

We’ve been enjoying getting crafty and exploring nature as part of the RVA Rocks! Facebook group for a little while now. The group is largely comprised of families and other magical rock artists who paint, tattoo, and leave messages on rocks to be hidden in parks and other locations all over town. The idea is to hide, find, keep or re-hide these fun little treasures.

I am seriously not the crafty type, but I do enjoy an insanely easy craft or two when I see one.

Keeping my son occupied outside of camps is a chore for me. Planning out Pinterest projects has never been my forté. However finding rocks we deem smooth enough to paint, taking the time to do so, and then getting outside to play hide and seek with them is a simple pleasure.

Going onto the Facebook page to see what new, swirly, messy paint jobs, works of art, or inspiring-message-laden rocks are going to be hidden is fun in and of itself. Getting to see folks in our community all contributing to something so basic and enriching is also just really cool.

RVA Rocks found at Rockwood Park

The painting itself can be done with a host of mediums.

We’ve gone the extremely simple route of heating up rocks in the oven, (350 degrees, 15-20 min.) and then melting crayons on them to make our creations. Some folks use paint pens, markers, and/or acrylic paint. Many also gloss the artwork with a sealant for preservation.

Our hikes out to the parks to place our newly painted rocks and to find what others leave behind is a rewarding little hunt.

This is a time where we can be purely in the moment with each other which is priceless. We have also met other families along the paths with whom we can compare notes.

For some families, it has also given them a way to give back as they notice trash left behind and are incorporating clean up projects into their hunts. Henrico County Police have even gotten in on the fun hiding rocks that can be turned in for a prize at their police stations.

While RVA Rocks! can be found and hidden just about anywhere, these seem to be the popular rockin’ hot spots:

Sunday Park, Brandermill
Rockwood Park, Chesterfield
Huguenot Park, North Chesterfield
Bryan Park, Northside
Deep Run Park, West End
Iron Bridge Park, Chesterfield
Richmond Zoo
Pole Green Park, Mechanicsville
Crump Park, Glen Allen
Midlothian Mines

If you don’t see a spot near you, feel free to paint and hide in underserved locations. I’m making it my personal mission to rock out at Forest Hill Park and Pony Pasture.

Where can your family get to rockin’?

Remember to join the RVA Rocks! VA Official Page to let other Rockstars (geez, how many rock puns can I fit into one post?) know where you’re hiding them.