Why I Want Nothing for Mother’s Day


Has anyone asked you what you want for Mother’s Day this year?

Yeah, me neither BUT I have given a lot of thought as to what I would want.

I’ll start by giving some background. I currently have a 4-year-old son and a 3-year-old daughter (19 months apart). I am married and my husband is a pretty involved dad, when work allows. That being said, regardless of if my husband is home or not, the kids still come to me for everything.

They will literally walk right past my husband to come and ask me to open a snack for them.

Or to tell on their sibling. Or to whine because the dog is sitting in “their spot” on the couch.

Without trying to discredit my husband’s involvement, I take on the responsibility of getting the kids ready in the morning, dropping them off at daycare, working my 8 hours at my job, picking them up from daycare, making a semi-nutritious dinner (that they typically won’t eat), bath time – and it I’m lucky I can get a load of laundry in and pick up the house a bit before it’s time for bed. I say without trying to discredit my husband’s involvement because even when he does help, the kids still demand mom.

And do we even have to talk about how it’s a scientific fact (at least based on my research) that kids are always 1000% worse for their mother?

Yes, we all know it’s because we’re their safe place, and they feel like they don’t have to keep their emotions in check when they’re with us like they do when they’re with everyone else. But when you have 2 kids crying and screaming at the same time, you’re not thinking about that, you’re just wanting silence. Sweet, sweet silence. And to maybe cry yourself (been there).

So have I thought about what I want for Mother’s Day? Absolutely.

I want nothing. No whining, no fighting, no complaining. Just quiet.

Maybe a good book and some sun. (If you’re looking for a good book – you know, for all that free time – I recommend picking up Richmond Based Katherine Wintsch’s Slay Like a Mother) Not forever, because I know I am so fortunate to have these 2 rascals in my life – and I love them more than I thought humanly possible. But an afternoon would be nice.

Sometimes mamas need a break.

And Mother’s Day is a great time to offer the super mom with young kids in your life a break.