The First Trimester: All About Survival

{this beautifully styled table coming to an HGTV magazine near you}
We are expecting our second child in July, and I have to tell y’all: the first trimester has put me THROUGH THE RINGER this time. I literally composed this post on my phone two days before winding up in the ER due to a confluence of cold, stomach flu, and dehydration.
A word of warning: don’t be like me. If you can’t keep fluids down, go to the ER and get you a nice IV. Don’t be a hero and think “I bet I’ll be better after a good night’s rest” because you will not be having a good night’s rest if you can’t keep fluids down
That being said, here are the top three items that helped me survive this first trimester:

1. Gatorade. 

We all know the importance of staying hydrated during pregnancy, and I love fruit- and herb-infused water for this purpose {my favorite combination is strawberry, lemon, and basil}. But I am also exhausted, and cutting up fruit takes up precious time I could spend lying on the couch complaining about being pregnant. Enter Gatorade. My OB suggested keeping Gatorade on hand during my pregnancy with Caroline for the times I was dehydrated. This time around I’m drinking one bottle first thing in the morning to help get my body re-hydrated after a night of lackluster pregnancy sleep.
Pro tip:: Grape Gatorade is delicious but will turn your tongue blue. Go with one of the “frosted” varieties. 

2. Facial cleansing wipes. 

 I had these in my hospital bag my first go-round with Caroline, and they were great for being able to wash my face without having to get up and bend over {ouch}. I’ve always kept a pack on hand since for those nights when I am too exhausted to deal with soap and water, so they have been particularly handy with the non-stop exhaustion that is the first trimester. Since my “morning” sickness actually strikes me late afternoon-evening, it’s been nice to still be able to get my face somewhat clean while lying miserably in bed with a fan blowing on me. Which leads me to…

 3. My table top USB fan. 

 See that little fan in the picture up top?  Isn’t it a cutie?  I kept seeing this little guy at Target over the summer and kept coming up with reasons not to buy it even though I’m always warm in our bedroom. Two days into learning I was pregnant I ordered it from Amazon, and my new BFF has been on my bedside table ever since.  It doesn’t oscillate and has only one speed, but I cannot overstate how much of a lifesaver this fan has been.  Not only does it keep me cool, but the moving air helps keep my nausea {mostly} at bay. I’d call that $17 well spent.
What are your first trimester essentials? Do you have a magic body pillow? A go-to nausea remedy? Share in the comments and help your fellow mommas make it through!