What We are Thankful for This Year



We’ve heard from many moms around town about the ways you create an environment of gratitude in your homes during the Thanksgiving holiday.  So, our team of writers has done the same.  We took the time to share with each other what we are most thankful for this year, and now we’re sharing with you! 

Bunny Young

I’m incredibly thankful for this incredible blessing growing healthy inside me and for my beautiful daughter being promoted to big sister. I’m thankful my service dog is still healthy and with us defying all odds and for an intergenerational household that some might think is crazy but my mother is truly the best mom so I’m thankful for her being around to help me raise my babies!

Colleen Whitney Nichols

I’m beyond thankful for my beautiful, healthy family and the blessing of adding a new baby to the mix just days after Thanksgiving! I’m also thankful for my tribe of friends who have loved me, supported me, and encouraged me in my journey as a new mom. It really does take a village. Lastly, I’m beyond thankful that I can add wine back into my life in a matter of days.

Holly Curell

This year I am so thankful for the ability to reflect. My children (7, 4 and 2) are growing so fast and I am so thankful for the pause they give me each day in ways both big and small that just makes me drink in the moments. I am thankful for the dings and dents and broken pipes that have made our house a home, and especially my husband with whom I’ve built this life in Richmond.

Lucretia M Anderson

I am thankful for the abundance of blessings that continue to blow into my family’s direction. I am thankful for the peace, love, and joy that abides in all of us, if only we have the courage to show it. I’m thankful for the tribe of beautiful women who surround me and inspire me every single day!

Becca Campbell

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for the decision my family made to move to Richmond. Through our move we have experienced blessings beyond imagination! We are thankful for an authentic church community, budding friendships that don’t seem new at all, and two beautiful daughters who are having lots of “firsts” together as sisters and Virginians!

Erin Shelton Rice

This year I am most thankful I have learned to be open and receptive to all that the universe has in store for me. Leaning into every experience has really helped me to grow and change and be everything I want to be to all the people I want to be it to. Learning what my best self looks like, although ever changing, is an adventure I enjoy (mostly) every second of and wouldn’t change one piece of my puzzle.

Kim Alley 

I’m thankful for toddler giggles, new friendships and adventures, and the friends and family who support us far and near. Also, for cheese.

Christina Tinker 

This year, I am especially thankful for new beginnings and adventures that have given more love and joy to our family than we ever imagined. I am also grateful for delicious dark chocolate and bold red wine and a husband who brings me both after a long, hard day.

And from the entire RMB Team, we are so thankful for YOU, our new community!  What are you thankful for this year?