Richmond Moms Blog Team is Thrilled to Welcome Three New Writers



One of the unique and beautiful things about our community is that we are a collaborative and local writing team.  A few of our regular Richmond contributors are full time writers.  Most are not.  Some work full time outside the home, while others are part-time work from home moms and/or full-time hard working care takers, teachers, and boo-boo kissers.  We are so blessed to have such a broad perspective on motherhood!

We are thrilled to introduce the three newest Richmond Moms Blog writers to you!  Welcome, Aditi Wardhan Singh, Angie Trueblood, and Catherine {Cathy} Brown.

Born and raised in Kuwait, Aditi Wardhan Singh has always been on the move. She juggled her formative years between Kuwait and India, even experiencing the Gulf War in 1990. After completing high school back in Kuwait, she went on to attain her Computer Engineering degree from India. On her mother’s request, she moved back to Kuwait to work for a few years before agreeing to an arranged marriage to a wonderful man who lived in the USA. Shifting to New Jersey in 2007 only added to her cosmopolitan background. She has been a resident of Richmond since 2009 and fell in love with the city as soon as she arrived. Birthing and raising her two children in RVA where there is such a rich variety of culture and wonderful people makes her feel like she is finally home. Her passion for the arts finds her choreographing dance dramas, experimenting in the kitchen and photographing life. She also volunteers as social media manager for the Circle of Peace International, a non-profit organization. She has been blogging since 2008 and is a regular contributor to various online websites, including the Huffington Post. Being far away from family herself, she hopes to help others striving to find balance. On the days that are not so good, as many days in parenting are, having impromptu dance parties with the kids and writing stories are her ultimate picker upper.


Catherine Brown is an RVA native who was drawn back after many years away. She loves being back and is thrilled to run into old friends in the unlikeliest of places. Catherine has spent her limited free time over the past thirteen years writing about parenting, education, and noteworthy people. For most of her waking hours, she throws her heart and soul into raising her three lively, talkative girls with her funny and charming writer husband.



Angie Trueblood is a Midlothian wife, mom of two kiddos, meal planning consultant and blogger at and lover of all things RVA! She grew up a bit south of Richmond in Colonial Heights, VA and attended Longwood College (back then!) where she earned a BS in Biology with the intent to teach high school. In her efforts to delay entry into the ‘real world’, she earned her MS in Biology at VCU and completed a couple of years of a Biology PhD program at the University of Miami before deciding it was time to get a legit job. Having been a researcher, a teacher, and a pharmaceutical rep, she has finally found her ‘niche’ as a work from home mama where she rarely uses her degree, but always uses her strategy skills to outwit her kiddos and to help her clients simplify their lives through meal planning and prepping. When she’s not helping other mamas, she loves exploring the city’s parks and playgrounds with her kids, checking out new restaurants with her hubs, and laughing about motherhood over cocktails with friends.


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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely introduction!! I’m beyond thrilled to join this team of truly amazing women!

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