You know you are from Richmond if…



  1. You remember volunteering to go to the grocery store just so you could eat a rainbow cookie while waiting for your deli meat.
  2. You REFUSE to call Ukrop’s Martin’s and you would never shop there on a Sunday (and you are definitely still in denial about them getting bought out). 
  3. You know Texas Beach has nothing to do with Texas.
  4. You remember when Short Pump was just a water pump in a field and felt like the other side of the country. Now you can get anywhere in 15 minutes.
  5. You know that from 1901 until 1948, live alligators lived in the Jefferson Hotel’s Palm Court fountains.
  6. You know going to “the river” means going to the James and going to “the Rivah” means the Rappahanock.
  7. You remember tapas at Avalon, steaks at Davis and Main and happy hour at Soble’s.
  8. Speaking of food… You know the exact foods on The Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food in Richmond. 
  9. You can recite The Byrd Theater commercial without missing a single second of the scream. (“Litter! In the aisles, in the bathroom, beneath your seat!”)
  10. You couldn’t wait to pick out your first bike at Agee’s (and sing every word of their jingle while doing just that).
  11. You have very strong opinions about the Diamond and Connecticut’s home.
  12. Speaking of The Diamond… you can name all the Major League Baseball players that you saw play on the Richmond Braves.
  13. You remember when Friday Cheers was at 6th street marketplace… and it actually had shops.
  14. You participate in the U of R v. VCU rivalry and couldn’t ever imagine cheating on your team.
  15. You remember The Flood Zone was more than just an area that gathered water during serious rainstorms.
  16. You celebrated at least one birthday at Bottom’s Up Pizza.
  17. You proudly boast that Sweet Frog’s first store was here.
  18. You plan your summer calendar around the Watermelon Festival.
  19. You know Easter on Parade is not actually a parade; you ARE the parade which is why your Easter bonnet was (and still is) more important than any other accessory you have ever worn.
  20. You pray the weatherman is actually right (for once) because you know the city will shut down for even a dusting of snow.
  21. You remember the Arthur Ashe monument unveiling and all the accompanied controversy.
  22. Mongrel is a go-to for your husband’s anniversary gift, friend’s wedding present, kid’s birthday gift, and pretty much any other occasion ever.
  23. You remember when Richmond was referred to as RIC, before RVA became a thing. 
  24. You say things like “I was tattooed before tattooing was cool” or “I knew RVA was cool before buzzfeed did!”
  25. You left because Richmond was lame, but moved back immediately realizing there is no place you would rather be!

What else makes you a true Richmonder? Comment below with your own signs!

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Erin Rice
Erin is a fresh transplant to Orange County from Richmond, VA as of January 1, 2019! She and her husband, Rick, married in 2008 on the same beach where they fell in love on Virginia's Eastern Shore. They are thrilled to have settled into the Laguna Niguel area with their three wild children, ages 8, 6 and 2 and less than 5 miles from the coast. Erin works full-time as the director of a preschool, where she has the opportunity to make an impact and encourage the future of tomorrow to grow in every way, all while having fun! A self-proclaimed eternal optimist, she and her family enjoy living life and turning everything into an adventure. She loves trips to Target (alone at 8 am), iced coffee, baking, cheering for her VCU Rams, staying healthy, fresh air and introducing her kids to real music. Keep up with Erin on Instagram @1erinrice