Make the Most of Back to School Shopping


Make the Most of Back to School Shopping

I’m a total nerd about Back to School Shopping.

I actually love it. Not so much the clothes, but the school supplies. I’m a sucker for a new notebook.

I’ve become really good at it after four years, and I’m totally ready for year number five.

There are some really important things to keep in mind to make the most of your shopping experience, and strategy is key.

Here are my top five tips:

  1. Get your list from your child’s school.
    Most schools publish or mail out a supply list broken down by grade, and if you have more than one kid, it’s essential to have these lists when shopping.
  2. Stick to the list.
    I know, I know. 30 glue sticks sounds like an awful lot. What in the world are they gluing? But after several years of experience, I can tell you: every item on that list is important.
  3. Use reward cards and coupons from retailers.
    5% off may not seem like much, but when you’re talking about 15 composition books and 10 boxes of tissues, every little bit helps.
  4. Buy store brand, not name brand.
    You’re basically buying in bulk, so saving a few cents on each item will absolutely make a difference, especially if you’re shopping for more than one kid.
    Next weekend, August 4-6, is the Virginia Sales Tax Holiday, and that includes school supplies. This is major. This is when you should do your shopping. 

And this is where I do a shameless plug for Target because they open at 8 a.m., earlier than most retailers. Next Friday, you’ll find me in the Target parking lot at 8 a.m., coupons and supply lists in hand, Cartwheel app open on my phone, and ready to use my REDcard.

Don’t let Back to School Shopping get the better of you! All it takes is a little planning to slay the beast!