Make it Easier to Come Home from Vacation


Ahhh, summertime!!! Trips and vacations and road trips, oh my!

We are all familiar with the packing lists, itineraries, reservations, and schedules.

We know how to pack snacks and sunblock and extra wipes.

But in all the excitement of going on a trip, sometimes we forget that we will come back home eventually.

In all of my years of traveling with kids, I’ve learned a few things. Honestly, I have learned A LOT of things. But some of the most practical, helpful things I’ve learned are about coming home.

When you come home from a trip, everyone is exhausted.

It feels good to be back, and usually, the whole family is ready to ease back into the routine.

Following are some housekeeping tips to make your return a little less crazy.

Before You Go:

  1. Do all of your laundry. You’ll have plenty to do when you get home. Better to lessen the load.
  2. Vacuum.
  3. Run the dishwasher/wash your dishes. Trust me, if you come home to a sink full of dirty dishes, it will not be pleasant.
  4. Arrange for help: Ask someone to pick up your mail, water your garden, and/or do any other maintenance that would be necessary.
  5. Take out the trash!! If you do nothing else on this list, do this one.
  6. Eat all of the fresh produce. Pack it for snacks on the road if you need to! But…
  7. Have some easily prepared food for when you get back. No one wants to cook after traveling.

Welcome back home!